Mac Slavo

Natural news reports are being censored in favor of the pharmaceutical and government lobbyist’s reports. The Health Ranger, whose YouTube channel has been permanently deleted by Silicone Valley elite leftists, has been noticing the trend for some time now.

It actually doesn’t matter what the consumer wants anymore, as long as big pharma gets their way and dopes up everyone possible. Natural News said it best: “Silicon Valley’s ongoing and seemingly unstoppable censorship of the Internet is, to a large extent, planting the seeds of tyranny in the fabric of America.”

Earlier, SHTFPlan reported on Google’s attempt to sway the presidential election in 2016 by hiding negative articles about Hillary Clinton from those using their search engine even though those articles were trending. So this whole censorship thing isn’t new for Google.

Late last month, Ray Gano published an article on his website discussing how Google is actively suppressing medical information and other content that the company deems” unfit for readers.” On page 108 of Google’s handbook, for example, Google states that “pages that directly contradict well established scientific or medical consensus for queries seeking scientific or medical information” are suppressed on its search engine, “unless the query indicates the user is seeking an alternative viewpoint.”  That means, if Google doesn’t like your natural alternative to toxic vaccines, they will make sure to hide all the evidence of such.

Those who don’t vaccinate or delay vaccines have often done a lot more research than those who do (just for the simple fact that it’s difficult to find the information about the risks and side effects thanks to censorship) and many have decided that the side effect listed as “death” is not acceptable. Sure, death is rare from a vaccine, but that risk is just too high for some parents. The other hard truth is that Google hides the harmful effects of vaccines and any study declaring them less than safe. Do a Google search yourself. This brainwashes the masses into whatever Google wants them to believe (it’s always for the “greater good” too like every atrocity in history.) Manipulating humans has become incredibly easy.

For example:

Just look at what happened to famous tattoo artist and makeup designer, Kat Von D when she posted publically she’d be raising her child without vaccines.  She was attacked and harassed while many said they would be boycotting her brand. And the most used argument by the pro-vaccine mobs was that “vaccines protect those who can’t get them.” Sorry, folks.  But no one, Kat Von D included, is required to set their own child on fire (read the potential side effects) to keep your kid warm.  Besides, if your precious vaccines work, why are you concerned about the unvaccinated? That’s the million dollar question no vaccine advocate can answer; well, not logically anyway.

This isn’t to say one should or should not vaccinate. Again, the information is available if you choose to read it. But the bias and what the masses are being manipulated into believing is obvious: big pharma will save you. Just inject whatever they tell you to and stop asking questions.

As Natural News warned last year, Google insiders have come right out and said censorship is the companies main goal.

Recently, a Google employee who goes by the alias “Hal” spoke to Breitbart News about the political bias that allegedly runs rampant throughout the company. Hal’s interview with Breitbart is the first in a series entitled “Rebels of Google,” which will be published in full within the next few days.

In the interview, Hal, who understandably chose to use a fake name out of fear of losing his job, spoke about the ongoing effort within Google to suppress certain content that the company doesn’t want the public to have easy access to. –Natural News

Mike Adams, the founder of Natural News the website and known to many as The Health Ranger (his YouTube channel has been permanently deleted because he spoke about cannabis as a natural medicine), knows all to well that Google is attempting to censor the healing properties of nature in favor of chemical interventions so Big Pharma can continue to rack in money.

YouTube shut off the Natural News Health channel with a single strike, all because a 43-second video described the healing potential of CBD oil. In a letter to the Health Ranger, YouTube claimed that the video on cannabis oil was subjecting viewers to “risk of serious physical harm or death.” Any talk about healing cancer without chemotherapy and radiation is dangerous, subjecting people to violent truths that they must be shielded from. In reality, patients are suffering under needless chemotherapy treatments. Equally important, you’re right to learn about the devastating effects of chemotherapy and the benefits of cannabis oil no longer exist on YouTube, because Big Pharma doesn’t want the discussion to take place, for the truth to get out. View the screenshots of the YouTube’s insidious strike here and check out the “dangerous” video that got the Health Ranger channel banned. –Natural News

This means that those who seek both sides to a particular issue will have to search much harder for the information because Google will hide the side they deem “wrong.” However, the positive effect will be on those who actually take the time to do their research and rise above the obvious manipulation, censorship, and brainwashing.