By Nicholas Fondacaro

With the Justice Department’s Inspector General rocking Washington, D.C. on Thursday with a damning report exposing the anti-Trump bias of senior FBI investigators, many in the liberal media were desperate to spin the findings to fit their narrative. During CNN’s The Lead, host Jake Tapper took one of the greatest leaps and suggested that the consequence of biased FBI members was the election of President Trump.

Tapper’s assertion came after former FBI agent-turned-CNN law enforcement analyst Josh Campbell opined about how “the bottom line” for him was that the report said the outcome of the Clinton investigation wasn’t tainted by biased. “I’m not sure that’s right, Josh,” Tapper said. What followed next was a contrived explanation of how anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok influenced the outcome of the election against Hillary Clinton:

So here’s what happened. Peter Strzok, according to the Inspector General, sat on the laptop, they find no persuasive evidence as to why they didn’t immediately go into the Weiner laptop when they got it at the end of September. I want to get you to play in this. Jeff. The only reason they look into it is because people at the U.S.’s attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York start asking about it, that’s what the Inspector General says. Then they do the warrant, then Comey notifies Congress, then history perhaps is changed.

So Strzok, if you read between the lines of this report, may have actually– his bias for Hillary might have cost Hillary the election,” Tapper declared as fact. But in order for Tapper’s argument to be feasible, one needed to buy into Clinton campaign talking points that former FBI Director James Comey stole the election from her. Yet there was no evidence of that.



Anti-Trumper and senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was in complete agreement with Tapper’s wild story. He argued that “if [Strzok] had simply come forward at the beginning as soon as he found out about this laptop and said, ‘Let’s look into this, let’s get it done,’ they could have gotten rid of the whole issue before– with a reasonable amount of time before the election so that Comey wouldn’t have had to go to Congress.

As you point out, this is one of the incredible ironies and it certainly was news to me in reading the report that Strzok actually wound up helping Trump even though he said these now notorious things in these texts,” Toobin continued. The real irony from the I.G. report was that it totally vindicated President Trump’s firing of Comey, which Toobin lost his mind over when it happened.

Tapper then turned to Campbell and probed him on whether or not he thought the hypothesis was correct. “We can’t change the past but wonder had that laptop been investigated, had that search warrant been obtained, Hillary Clinton might have been – probably would have been president,” Campbell declared with no evidence.

Beyond the fact that it only worked if you buy into Clinton talking points about the outcome of the election, Tapper’s conspiracy theory falls apart when you look into what Strzok was doing while not looking into the laptop. As NBC Justice correspondent Pete Williams noted in his report on NBC Nightly News on Thursday, the anti-Trump FBI agent was spending more time on the Russia probe.

For a news outlet that claims to be the purveyor of all things truth, they spent an inordinate amount of time pushing a conspiracy theory.