ByRyan Saavedra

Two MSNBC analysts falsely claimed on Friday that the Trump administration is operating concentration camps for illegal immigrant children who are separated from their parents.

Guests Stephanie Cutter and Michael Steele made the remarks, which went completely unchallenged by host Stephanie Ruhle.

Cutter, who was a high-level official in Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign, claimed that what the Trump administration is doing was not the law, just merely their “interpretation” of the law.

“We can’t find a solution to this problem without harming children? Without putting them in concentration camps?” Cutter asked, according to the Free Beacon.

Steele, who is the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), turned the rhetoric up a notch, warning Americans that their children could be next.

“I call this a concentration camp for kids,” Steele said. “When you give kids 22 hours of lock-up time and two hours of airtime, what else can it be? And if this is where this country’s going, the American people need to wake up and pay attention, because your kids could be next.”