he way she talks about the administration, it sounds less like a group surrounding the most powerful man on Earth and more like a poorly-run co-ed dorm.


The Barack Obama administration repeated demonstrated that the president was above the masses, and acted as if he were a king. Whether it was the Federal Bureau of Investigation launching morally and ethically questionable spying of presidential campaigns, taking countless vacations, or the United States Secret Service scandals in foreign nations, it seemed to be a recurring theme that he treated himself like a monarch, lavishly spending, playing and ordering, all while sticking taxpayers with the bill.

Now, an account from one of President Obama’s stenographers shows just how unprofessional the environment was, in a new tell-all memoir, From the Corner of the Oval. It mentions ‘steamy’ nights, strange dalliances fueled by multiple ‘drugs of choice’, and a ‘party plane’ paid for by the media for international flights. Most of all, it leaves voters to wonder just what kind of leadership the former president exhibited when this kind of atrocious behavior to continue for the eight years he was in power.

Becky Dorey-Stein was a 25-year-old working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet when she answered an advertisement on Craigslist.

After two different interviews and a background check, the administration offered her the job of being the White House stenographer.

She accepted, and began in that role in 2012.

For five years, she was attached to Obama’s hip, recording everything that he said publicly with a microphone and then typing it up for the White House Press Office and the presidential archive. During that time, she also kept a detailed journal of notes on her personal experiences. None of it speaks well of the administration and the way it was run.

The memoir makes the administration seem like it was some sort of “summer camp on steroids,” a mixture of drug use and awkward ‘hookups’ between government employees. It also points out that Obama traveled with mostly women, and that his staff were called the ‘Vagiants.’

According to Dorey-Stein’s memoir, during international trips, media members would chip into charter a jet, which they would call the ‘party plane.’ Though the President, Vice President, and many other important officials wouldn’t fly on that craft, it still paints an image of the government that is less than flattering.

She also talked about her affair with Secret Service officer James Wolf, who was in a committed relationship back in the United States with a woman whose father was a well-known producer.

Apparently, she would leave her hotel room door unlocked at night, and slightly ajar, so that agent Wolf could sneak in. Her book discusses how she felt bad, and tried to keep thoughts of her boyfriend back home, identified only as Sam, out of her mind while carrying on the affair.

She described drug-fueled long flights as the ‘best sleepover ever,’ where everyone took Sonata, Xanax, or Ambien, or their various drugs of choice.

Her account claims that it made any ‘awkward intimacy’ with colleagues “suddenly just funny and bizarre.”

She talked about how no matter where the team traveled with the president, whether it was the wealthiest suburb in the United States or the poorest African nation rife with poverty, starvation, and suffering, they always saw a ‘Disneyland’ version, a staged appearance, as their motorcades drove through.

She also said that she was never worried about her safety, because she and the rest of the crew were constantly protected by the USSS agents.

However, she lamented that the food and water was rarely safe, and recalled that she became violently ill in South Africa after consuming lettuce that had simply been washed in the nation’s water.

She made excuses for some of President Obama’s habits, including his constant golf outings. She said that was the only time that POTUS was allowed any sort of breathing room, and that it was how he dealt with grief and stress.

Perhaps most ridiculously of all, she complained in her memoir that she managed to keep her job at the White House even after Obama’s legacy was rejected by the voters and Hillary Rodham Clinton was soundly defeated by President Donald Trump.

Indeed, she denigrated his administration, calling it the ‘insane clown posse,’ and whining that the Priuses and Chevys of the Obama years were replaced by Porsches and Maseratis. How dare President Trump surround himself with the successful.

She claimed that her job, which was once a ‘joy’ when every outing was treated like a hormone and drug-fueled summer camp experience, became a nightmare with the change in administration. Perhaps, it’s actually having to work that caused the unpleasant situation?

In the end, the job ‘cost’ her the boyfriend she repeatedly cheated on, and eventually she lost agent Wolf to his girlfriend, who he married. If she never knew that her boyfriend was cheating on her while traveling the world, this book may come as a real shock.

This account offers another look into the unprofessional, tyrannical way the government operated in the Obama era, and should serve as a warning to voters that just because a president seems outwardly hip and trendy doesn’t mean he’s capable of decent leadership.