A disturbing image of former president Barack Obama dressed as Satan while attending an “Illuminati party” organized by international elites has gone viral on the internet.

The photo, which provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the real world inhabited by Barack Obama, was originally uploaded on Instagram by Annemarie Hope, an artist who has been recognized for her work promoting Satanism and is known as a favorite of the international elite.

The photo appeared with the caption, “Class and Grace, You are my favorite“, and it soon went viral on Instagram. However Annemarie Hope quickly deleted the disturbing glimpse into the private life of Barack Obama, claiming that she was receiving “too much hate and not enough support.”

Annemarie Hope, an artist favored by the international elite, uploaded the photo of Obama after a party.

After the image went viral, skeptics immediately claimed the image was photoshopped or fake, however after using various techniques to determine whether the image was edited, including the application of various filters to check its authenticity, these skeptics were unable to find any evidence the image was anything but a rare, behind-the-scenes shot of Obama in his natural habitat.

Filtering technology used to determine if an image has been photoshopped or faked provides no evidence this image has been tampered with.

The fact that Annemarie Hope doesn’t appear to have obtained this image elsewhere, and that she couldn’t have faked the image, suggests that she took the photo of Barack Obama dressed in a Satanic costume herself.

The revelation that Obama attends Illuminati parties and dresses as Satan comes as no surprise to many observers of the former president. However some people are finding it hard to come to terms with the revelation.

“He fooled everybody! especially the black race. He did nothing for them and made his wife serve garbage to the school children. He is the one Jesus spoke of 2000 yrs ago, when he sits in that third temple you will know for sure,” commented Mikesline, a YouTube user.

It seems unlikely that Obama would dress up as Satan for a fancy dress competition or on Halloween. The fact that the person standing next to Obama is Artur Davis, an attorney and politician who served as a Democratic member of United States House of Representatives from 2003 to 2011 — and he is dressed normally — suggests that this photo was not taken at a fancy dress party, but rather that Obama was participating in an Illuminati ritual and paying his respects to his Lord Lucifer.