A British SAS sergeant deployed in Afghanistan bludgeoned three Taliban pedophiles to death using a claw hammer after his weapon malfunctioned, according to British reports.

A British SAS sergeant deployed in Afghanistan bludgeoned three Taliban pedophiles to death using a claw hammer after his weapon malfunctioned, according to British reports.

The 29-year-old sergeant eradicated the pedophile trio after they escaped from a British night-time raid on their Taliban base, where they were caught molesting pubescent Afghan “dancing boys.”

After following the Taliban pedophiles into an underground cave complex, the SAS sergeant blasted three fighters with his Glock 9mm pistol before the weapon failed and he was forced to use a claw hammer instead.

Operating in total darkness inside the narrow cave complex, the sergeant reportedly used the Keysi fighting method, a type of street fighting which first attempts to protect the head before attacking anyone.

The SAS sergeant was able to get very close to the three pedophile extremists while blocking and deflecting their attacks, before striking with his elbows, knees, and finally caving in two of their skulls with his claw hammer.

A third man then attacked him, but he was dispatched with a single hammer blow to the head.

Talibans fighters had fled from a raid on their base where they were caught molesting young boys by British troops in Afghanistan.

Warned that following the Taliban fighters into the cave complex was “too dangerous”, the sergeant replied that he “did not join the SAS to sit around and watch extremists rape young boys and then run away.”

The SAS is a special forces unit of the British Army that undertakes roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. Much of the information and actions regarding the SAS is highly classified, and is not commented on by the British government or the Ministry of Defence due to the sensitivity of their operations.

The Star on Sunday reports the soldier had volunteered to crawl into the complex in a bid to take down the pedophiles after they escaped from the raid on their Taliban base.

He was operating in total darkness and the caves were barely wide enough for one man to crawl through.

A source told the newspaper: “There wasn’t enough room to use a long-barrelled weapon so the Brit used his Glock 9mm pistol and grabbed a claw hammer.”

“He couldn’t see the Taliban but he could hear and smell them. He shot three of them dead one after the other but then his pistol jammed.”

The source described how the SAS man picked up the hammer instead and continued the battle.

He said: “He fought two more in the dark where the tunnel opened into a larger room which was partially lit by a candle.

The SAS hero took down three Taliban pedophiles using just a hammer.

“After he killed those two, he was attacked by another but killed him almost instantly with a single blow.”

“It was a brutal fight to the death.

“The SAS sergeant emerged from the tunnel half an hour later covered in blood, both his own and those of the men he had killed.”

He was unable to speak for an hour because of the shock but later described it as the most traumatic experience of his life.

His fight took place in January, following a joint British and Afghan operation in the north of the country, but details have only now been revealed.

The British response to pedophilia in Afghanistan differs markedly from the Obama administration’s advice to American troops in the region. Describing the practice as “cultural”, US soldiers were ordered to turn a blind eye to Afghan men molesting young boys.