Everyone requested to speak outright refused to do so.


For months, James Comey and Andrew McCabe have been at the center of questions about actions while they were in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Director and Deputy Director. They’re accused of mishandling everything from the Hillary Clinton email server investigation to a particularly partisan investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign.

Now, rather than answering for their decisions and choices, the pair have both found ways to avoid actually having to take responsibility. McCabe pleaded the Fifth Amendment, so he couldn’t incriminate himself, while Comey simply refused to show up. He’s on a book tour. Obviously, Chuck Grassley and the rest of the republicans were less than impressed with this decision.

According to Senator Charles Grassley, both James Comey and Andrew McCabe refused to testify before Congress on Monday to talk about their handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Andrew McCabe, who formerly served as Deputy Director of the Bureau, at least showed up before the elected officials, though he decided to simply refuse to answer any questions. Instead, he hid behind his Fifth Amendment right to not be compelled to provide evidence that could incriminate him.

James Comey, the former Director of the FBI, didn’t even show up. Instead, his lawyer proclaimed that he was out of the country. However, Senator Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, said that he saw Comey in Iowa over the weekend.

Grassley lambasted the former head law enforcement officer at the agency, pointing out that it seems like the disgraced director has time to go on book tours and to appear for interviews, but not to “assist this committee.”

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch also declined to show up to stand before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and decided against attempting to provide her side of the story concerning her numerous failures during the Clinton investigation, or to account for why she had a meeting with the husband of a person she was supposed to be investigating.

Senator Grassley wanted to subpoena the individuals, which would compel them to show up and to provide testimony or else face serious legal consequences.

However, democrat Nancy Pelosi of California blocked him from being able to do so. Under the rules of the SJC, the ranking opposition party member (in this case, the aforementioned California democrat) must agree to issue subpoenas, or else nothing can happen.

In other words, the California leftist, the same woman who shrilly declared that they had to pass Obamacare so American citizens would know what was in it, was able to block a legitimate investigation into multiple reports of wrongdoing, simply because she didn’t want it to happen.

What is Pelosi afraid of?

The Inspector General’s report, put together by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General, was thorough in its findings and its research. It found repeated instances of wrongdoing, both at the FBI and the DOJ, and the report’s evidence was solid.

Among other findings was the fact that numerous members of the Bureau, for example, were taking bribes from media entities, including tickets to sporting events and expensive meals.

The report also found fault in the actions of Comey and McCabe.

Comey repeatedly acted inappropriately, and was insubordinate in his investigation into Hillary Clinton and her failures to properly handle classified documents. The report questioned his decisions, including his choice to reopen the case after having said he closed it, and to do so in such a public manner.

It also questioned what role, if any, the former Director had in the numerous leaks from the FBI concerning almost everything during the Clinton investigation.

As for McCabe, the investigation found that he repeatedly leaked information that eventually wound up in the hands of the mainstream media. Numerous investigations found ample evidence that he leaked information, both on his own and with the use of individuals under his chain of command.

Obviously, the Senate Judiciary Committee wanted to talk to Loretta Lynch about the strange meeting she had on the tarmac of a Phoenix with Bill Clinton, which occurred less than a week before Hillary Clinton was set to testify about her server.

With Pelosi doing her best to stonewall the investigation, and with the deep state free from subpoena, it remains to be seen how much information the various committees will be able to find.

One thing is sure, though; Michael Horowitz’s report was not the end of the investigations into the misdeeds of Obama’s appointees.