The bureau is calling the documents ‘privileged.’


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is assigned to work for the people, yet it has recently demonstrated a stronger allegiance to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her corrupt past as it continues ‘running interference’ in an investigation.

Using careful terminology to ensure that requested documents remain sealed, the director of the FBI announced that it would not be releasing information to Congress regarding Clinton’s alleged involvement in covering up sex crimes against children.

Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano released the disturbing information in a Fox & Friends interview on Tuesday.

He explained that FBI Director Christopher Wray has indicated that the FBI will not release documents regarding Clinton per Congress’ request.

Napolitano noted learning of the refusal just one day prior and said that it was the most disturbing thing he had heard all day.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said of the sheer audacity of two federal organizations refusing to work together to rid Washington of corrupt politicians, some of which deserve prison.

In Wray’s notice to California Representative Devin Nunes, he apparently stated the following:

“We are not giving up documents that are protected by privilege.”

However, Napolitano explained in his frustration that the definition of privileged information is too vague to automatically apply to sensitive Clinton-related information.

Napolitano provided the example that witnesses in the Mueller trial “were promised confidentiality,” yet had such violated.

For the refusal, Napolitano noted plans to take the issue to court.

He and other analysts are not going to allow the FBI to withhold the information indefinitely, as he indicated that a subpoena is on its way which will mandate the bureau to release the documents.

Then, he said, it will be up to a federal judge to determine “what stays secret and what the Congress gets.”

Hopefully, Congress will obtain necessary information to finally hold Clinton accountable for her crimes.

Just yesterday, it was revealed that Clinton exchanged emails with former congressman Anthony Weiner, found on Weiner’s recently located laptop.

Some of which contained horrifying admissions of crimes against children, among others, which are said to be detrimental enough to “put Hillary and her crew away for life.”


Among the over 500,000 emails located on the computer, many associate Clinton and her foundation to crimes such as sexual assault on minors, money laundering, and perjury, among others.

Considering this, it is no wonder why Clinton would be eager to ‘misplace’ the hundreds of thousands of emails on her private server.

Yet it is atrocious that the FBI is still covering up for Clinton. However, given her corrupt past, it can be assumed that Wray and others in the FBI fear what would happen should they release the incriminating information.

Several who have opposed the Clinton foundation have mysteriously and suddenly died or vanished.

Her administration would surely make someone in the FBI pay dearly if Hillary was found guilty for any of her past crimes and given a deserving sentence.

While Congress has yet to receive the requested documentation, the American people following the story surely know the truth and the nature of Clinton and her schemes.

Regardless of political affiliation, most would agree that is a definitely a positive that Clinton is not serving as president while being investigated for covering up heinous crimes such as child sexual assault.

It would not only be distracting to more relevant issues at hand but also concerning that the American people had elected a politician with such horrific ties.

Not only that, but Clinton would surely be fighting against supposed ‘sexual assault’ in the media while such an investigation was underway pertaining to her own involvement in such.

While every presidency may include some form of scandal or conspiracy, Clinton’s criminal activity and incompetence, as seen in Benghazi, sex crimes cover-ups, and others, are inexcusable.

Even the liberal theories regarding President Trump’s relations with Russia and Stormy Daniels cannot compare.

Most importantly, under democratic rule, the documents and emails which illustrate Clinton’s corruptness would surely be sealed or destroyed.

Even with President Trump in office, the U.S. Congress is currently having difficulty getting the FBI to cooperate, a clear indication of Clinton support.

While Wray claims to be a republican, he is joining fellow RINO politicians who are suddenly supporting the left.

Such hypocrisy is even more disturbing as demonstrated by the FBI. The bureau has the sole purpose of enforcing the law while remaining politically neutral, yet it too has proven to be another organization that has turned undeniably left.