California Democrats use the exact same tactics as their Partido Revolucionario Institucional counterparts across the border, buying votes with favors.


The neon blue state of California just earmarked a billion dollars of their budget to declare war on the federal government, just so they can further the scam to convert illegal immigrants into voters ahead of mid-term elections.

Bribing illegals, coupled with the state’s voter registration law, “intended to streamline the process of signing up” illegal aliens to vote as Democrats, means more to them than protecting legal citizens. In fact, they expect millions of new voters on the rolls for 2018.

“In effect, California Democrats are a branch of the PRI and form a Mexican occupational government serving the interests of false-documented Mexican nationals,” Lloyd Billingsley reports.

Golden State Democrats use the exact same tactics as their Partido Revolucionario Institucional counterparts across the border.

California lawmakers completely ignore the oath that each and every one of them swore, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Instead, officials honor their power deal with the devil. Reward criminals who break the laws, in exchange for votes in the election.

It’s no surprise that Latinos are the beneficiaries of Democrat favoritism, Mexicans make up the largest percentage of immigrants considered “Latino.” For nearly a century, Mexicans have been voting for the party that gives them the best bribes.

Almost always that has meant they vote for the PRI, Partido Revolucionario Institucional. Current President Enrique Peña Nieto is a member. Revolution has become the “institution.”

La Raza thinks the entire U. S. Southwest still belongs to Mexico, no matter what language the street signs are in. Los Angeles lawmaker Anthony Rendon actually wants California to “step up and work with Mexico instead of the U.S. federal government.”

Someone needs to tell the assembly speaker, that when you represent the interests of a foreign government, you need to “register as agents of those governments.”

In Mexico, “vote-buying, illegal spending and other forms of cheating are so common” that “candidates have been caught wooing voters with handouts of gift cards, eyeglasses, building supplies and even washing machines.”

As part of their culture, Mexican voters expect to be bribed. “Pressure to hand out things to voters often comes from the ground up,” Kenneth Greene of the University of Texas explains. “People say: ‘What are you gonna give me?’”

Jerry Brown has his pen ready to sign the state’s newest budget. There are goodies galore for every non-citizen in the Democrat’s billion packages. “Tens of millions of dollars” will be pumped into “programs that could help undocumented immigrants fight federal efforts to deport them.”

Repairs to the Oroville dam go unfunded. Nobody knows what to do with the state’s homeless population, but the Sacramento Bee proudly announces that lawmakers opened up “million to hire lawyers for unaccompanied minors trying to stay in the U.S.”

Funding is also boosted “for immigration legal services offered through the Department of Social Services and public colleges.”

California is kind enough to give illegal aliens attending their colleges the privilege of “in-state tuition rates.” Minority students who are legal residents outside of California are out in the cold. Only potential voters get the bribes.

So now, not only do illegals get a break on tuition, they get more millions. Last year, they budgeted million for providing immigrants with legal services. That stays this year and million of it is directed to be split by community colleges, the California State University, and the University of California. That is just the beginning.

This year, undocumented minors are being showered with three times the amount they got last year. The Department of Social Services gets a cool million “to help young undocumented immigrants.”

All of that coin isn’t being passed out without good reason. California has a highly aggressive “motor voter” program to sign up anyone with a driver’s license as a voter. In California, non-citizens with invalid or non-existent documentation are given the same driver’s license as a citizen. Overwhelmingly, they sign up as Democrats.

Officials claim there are safeguards to prevent illegals from actually getting registered but won’t tell anyone what they are. Secretary of State Alex Padilla “refuses to release data from voter rolls.”

He is on the record saying “At the latest, for the 2018 election cycle, I expect millions of new voters on the rolls in the state of California.”

More money will go toward strong-arming local businesses. “A state law that requires businesses to tell their employees when they’re contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement” will get million for a team of attorneys and investigators to enforce it.

“Employers face penalties of to ” if they don’t yell “La Migra!” fast enough.

California’s leaders are certain that anyone who sneaks across the border is worth violating both state and federal laws for.

They toss around millions of dollars to provide protection from efforts to enforce the law and give them special preference for higher education, even pay their lawyers. All because, in return, the favored ones vote Democrat.

Some say President Donald Trump should swing his wall North from Yuma, Arizona all the way to Canada.