Considers hiding American roots during Ireland visit

'Ashamed' Comey Weighs Calling Self Canadian Over Trump's Border Actions

Former FBI Director James Comey told an Irish audience on Friday that he is “disgusted,” “horrified,” and “ashamed” of the United States’ immigration policies, saying that he weighed telling people he’s from Canada.

Speaking in Ireland to promote his book, “A Higher Loyalty,” made he comments in a public interview in Dublin, according to the Irish Times, which first reported the story.

He blasted the United States and, in particular, President Trump for the administration’s policy of placing immigrant children in holding centers away from their parents. The country has faced mounting criticism for the policy, which Mr. Trump ended this week with an executive order.

“I am ashamed of the way my country has acted with respect of those those children. “I am disgusted, I am horrified, I am embarrassed, I am ashamed,” Mr. Comey said.

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