Fallon says that he would have conducted a 2016 interview “differently,” and that it was a “mistake.”

‘Be a man’: Trump attacks Fallon over low ratings ‘whimpering’ after ‘hair show’


Donald Trump mocked The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for complaining about his low ratings and the backlash he received after a 2016 interview with the president. Netizens said the president should have better things to do.

Trump took to Twitter on Sunday to say that Jimmy Fallon should be “be a man” and stop “whimpering.”

In a softball interview with Trump just before the 2016 election, Fallon joked about Trump’s hair and even mussed it up. Now, he says that he would have done it “differently,” and that it was a “mistake.”

“I did not do it to ‘normalize’ him or to say I believe in his political beliefs or any of that stuff,” Fallon told The Hollywood Reporter.

Attempting to be jovial and apolitical in his interview with the president, Fallon has since faced backlash from Trump opponents and his show eventually lost its spot at the top of the late night talk shows to Stephen Colbert’s more liberal ‘The Late Show’ on CBS. Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel’s ratings have been raising since they have been mocking Trump and his entourage.

Trump frequently strikes back at his attackers over Twitter, prompting comments that he should focus on more important things.