Women's March

The Women’s March – the same Soros-backed leftist protest group that marched to resist the duly elected President Donald Trump and pushed the anti-gun March for Our Lives – is jumping on the open borders movement in protests planned for Thursday and Saturday in Washington, D.C., and across the country.

The Women’s March Facebook page states:

We call on women from all communities to descend on our nation’s capital and demand the safety and freedom of immigrant families and children. We will put our bodies on the line to demand an end to this administration’s the zero-tolerance policy that automatically criminalizes undocumented immigrants and tears families apart, and to call on Congress to abolish ICE, an agency that is terrorizing our communities every day.

“We will take escalated action in D.C. on June 28th demanding lawmakers and federal officials do everything in their power to #EndFamilyDetention,” the Facebook page states.

“On Saturday, June 30, we will rise up in cities across the nation to say #FamiliesBelongTogether in freedom, not in cages. We cannot allow these atrocities to go unchallenged. The time to ACT is NOW,” the Women’s March Facebook page states.

“Marching is no longer enough, not when this administration is enacting policies that violently separate families, incarcerate children in detention camps and criminalizes human beings coming to our country in search of safety,” the website states. “Not when we see photos and videos of children separated from their families and held in child prison camps. Not when we hear their cries for their parents and see their fear and trauma.”

According to that same Facebook page, the protest may not be law-abiding:

By agreeing to risk arrest, you are committing to engage in a nonviolent act of civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is a key tactic used to draw attention to unjust laws, nonviolently resist, and make movements’ demands impossible to ignore.

A link also is provided to a website that is called “Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for the Revolution,” which lists left-wing groups as partners, including The Other 98 Percent and Code Pink.

Pro-Palestinian and anti-semite Linda Sarsour told the Hill that President Donald Trump’s halt of family separation for parents who broke the law by crossing the border illegally and chose to bring their children will not stop the protests.

“We don’t trust this administration to follow through,” Sarsour told the Hill. “We’re also demanding answers for the hundreds of children who have already been separated from their families with no clarification about what that reunification plan looks like.”

New York magazine described the June 30 protest:

On June 30, organizers throughout the country will host “Families Belong Together” protests in response to the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Under the initial iteration of the policy, over 2,000 immigrant children were ripped away from their parents while attempting to cross the border, and placed in detention centers alone. On June 20, Trump signed an executive order ending the family-separation policy — but took no action to address the thousands of families that had already been torn apart. It’s for this reason that organizers of the June 30 protests say that the demonstrations are still necessary to send a message to the Trump administration: Keep families together.

This year, there are more than 628 protests planned in every state, as well as in international locations, on June 30.

The national organizers behind the Families Belong Together events are the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the ACLU, the Women’s March, and MoveOn.

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