California Democrat can’t handle scrutiny from pro-Trump figures

Maxine Waters Staffer Threatens To Call Police On Diamond & Silk During Office Visit –

A staffer of Maxine Waters threatened to call the police on pro-Trump figures Diamond and Silk when they dropped by her office to film a documentary.

“We are here, right in Los Angeles outside right in front of Maxine Waters’ office,” Diamond says in a teaser trailer for their upcoming film “Dummycrats.”

The duo enters the office to get to the bottom of why Waters lives in a $4.3 million mansion outside her district.

“I don’t wanna have to call the police,” a staffer told them.

Given Waters just last weekend called on leftists to publicly harass Trump officials whenever they could, it’s ironic her staffer is ready to call the police on Diamond and Silk when they weren’t even there to protest or harass anybody, but to simply ask a few questions.

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer gave Waters a taste of her own medicine when she confronted the California Democrat on Capitol Hill on Monday over her divisive remarks.

“Do you think it’s civil to call for the harassment of Trump supporters?” Loomer asked.

“Please, come to my office and talk with me,” Waters says as she swats the reporter with papers and flees into an elevator.