Street art fights back against #resistance attacks on conservatives

'Republicans Are Forbidden': Nazi-Style Democrat Propaganda Floods LA –

Street artist Sabo and his Unsavory Agents placed Nazi-style propaganda posters around Los Angeles this week in an effort to bring attention to growing anti-conservative rhetoric being promoted by the left.

One poster declares “Republicans Are Forbidden,” in both German and English and another orders Dems to “Buy Only At Democrat Shops.”

Sabo gave a statement to Daily Wire Wednesday, saying the project was inspired by the Red Hen restaurant’s treatment of Sarah Sanders last week and admitting “it sent a chill” through him.

“It seems the Democrat owners don’t welcome the patronage of Republicans,” he said.

“Recently while visiting Austin, Texas me and my party were asked to leave no less than three bars because one of us dared wear a MAGA hat.”

Sabo continued, “We were told that our kind weren’t welcomed there. What the hell ‘kind’ is that I wondered. Patriots, Republicans, Americans? It really freaked me out.”

The prolific street artist says he created the signs to remind people that this has happened before and that we should learn from the past.

See photos of the Democrat-Nazi propaganda posters below:

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