Leaked information, long with his showing in front of the House republicans, show that he is not handling stress well, but he’s also not interested in complying with demands made of him.


On Thursday, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, and Christopher Wray, now the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were called before Capitol Hill to testify in front of House Republicans. The point of this exercise was for them to explain the repeated mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation by the Bureau and the Department of Justice in general, as well as to answer about ‘Spygate,’ and the information about how the Barack Obama administration seemingly weaponized the DOJ to go after a political opponent.

While there, Republicans in Congress called them out for hiding information and otherwise avoiding providing whole answers. That’s not the only thing he was hiding, though; according to colleagues in a DOJ leak, he was also concealing his opinion that republican Congressmen were “pieces of s**t,” at least from the politicians in question.

Also on Thursday, the House held a vote and passed a resolution, which demanded that the Department of Justice must comply with requests to turn over information to the chamber.

Failure to comply and turn over Trump-Russia documents would be a basis for initiating the impeachment process against DAG Rosenstein.

When Rosenstein stood before the Congressional Republicans, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio put him on notice.

He slammed the DAG, and informed him that the resolution they passed provided him with a week, seven days, to “get his act together”, and to turn over the documents.

When Jordan yelled at him, Rosenstein was visibly uncomfortable, but he tried to go on the attack and plead his case.

The Congressman from Ohio instead went on the attack, and yelled at the Deputy Attorney General that “we’ve caught you hiding information!”

It probably didn’t help that the DOJ official spent the entirety of the hearing acting smug, and even laughed at GOP lawmakers. He also refused to answer a single question that they asked of him, which likely added to Jordan’s dissatisfaction and even anger.

Of course, behind closed doors, it seems that he’s having a number of issues, including consistent leaks in his department that undermine his outward appearance.

Perhaps DAG Rosenstein should go about plugging the holes in his own office before he goes before Congress to talk about how he’s reforming the FBI.

Even more interesting, the leak from the Justice Department shows that not only does the DAG not have any control of his own people; it also shows that he has no respect for the elected officials who have every right to question (and impeach) him.

According to the source in the department, a high-ranking individual who has a long history of providing intelligence that always turns out to be correct, Rosenstein isn’t a fan of those who dare to question him.

In private, he seems to spend quite a bit of time complaining about people like Jordan, Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, and other right-leaning Congressmen who dared to demand he turn over documents concerning corruption in the FBI.

Indeed, the source outright said that Rosenstein has no respect for Congress, and especially for Republicans in Congress.

The source also stated that many of the GOP willingly go along with it, rather than challenging him, because they know that if they speak out against him or stay in his face about an issue, he’ll go after them in private.

During a recent tirade in which Rosenstein targeted a number of right-leaning members of Congress, he even went so far as to call the politicians “pieces of s**t” because they dared to question his leadership.

According to another source in the department, if someone issued a subpoena that covered DOJ emails, they would find a treasure trove of comments so horrific that Congressmen “would be floored.”

It certainly seems that Rosenstein does not respond well to being challenged, which is strange for someone in a position of power where his actions are constantly open to questions from politicians.

It appears that he thinks he can do whatever he likes, and the ‘little people’ and politicians should be thankful that he deigns to answer them at all.

That’s not how it works. The DOJ is an executive agency, and as such, its operations are open to investigation (and subpoena) by elected officials, and its actions are open to interpretation and judgment by the United States Supreme Court and other federal judges.

If Rosenstein can’t handle that kind of criticism and oversight, which obviously seems to be the case, perhaps he would be better off ignoring the demand for information and just waiting until they impeach him and eject him from his position.

Or he could just resign, if he doesn’t want to waste everyone’s time.

He says he’s interested in reforming the federal government. Perhaps it would be best if he started by removing himself from it entirely.