Nancy Sinatra, Debra Messing, Toure, Soledad O’Brien, David Hogg Among Twitter Lynch Mob Targeting Trump Supporter #RoslynLaLiberte Over Viral Photo Hoax With Latino Boy

Blue Check Mark Twitter celebrities including Nancy Sinatra, Debra Messing, Rosanna Arquette, Toure, David Hogg and Soledad O’Brien followed Joy Reid and teen activist Alan Vargas in leading an electronic lynch mob set on ruining the life of Roslyn La Liberte, a white woman wearing a MAGA hat seen in an unflattering photograph last week in the Ventura Country Star discussing immigration with Joseph Luevanos, a 14-year-old Latino-American boy, at a Simi Valley City Council meeting on California’s sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

La Liberte and her Woodland Hills business have been targeted with threats and harassment such that one contract has already been canceled in just the few days since the June 25 photo went viral with a false description accusing La Liberte of calling the boy a “dirty Mexican” and saying he would be the “first to be deported”.

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17-year-old March for Our Lives student activist Alan Vargas of Corona, California posted the Star photograph with a caption that implied La Liberte called the boy a “dirty Mexican” and urged people to “put her on blast”.