The board members and other no longer felt safe in the city.

SF Gate has reported today, in San Francisco, California, democrat policies have lead to a massive homeless situation and city filth that cost $40 million that liberals counted on each year.

Joe D’Alessandro, president, and CEO of S.F. Travel refused to say any names, but he has confirmed that “a major medical association is pulling its annual convention out of the city.” No longer “feeling safe” was the reason given for the pullout.

It’s the first time that we have had an out-and-out cancellation over the issue, and this is a group that has been coming here every three or four years since the 1980s,” admitted the CEO. The party of slavery and those of Pelosi’s ilk are costing the city a fortune that they depend on because they won’t enact common sense laws.

However, it’s more than that. Democrat policies actually foster the extreme division between the uber-wealthy and the dirt poor homeless.

While Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may not fully grasp the following concept, by and large, people don’t enjoy being around filth in the street. It tends to make them rather furious.

D’Alessandro’s agency hopes to lure the lost business back in the future, which is why the name was withheld. The situation was (and remains) so bad that a face to face meeting was held with the executive board of the medical association in question. Usually, these events are booked half a decade in advance, so this “without warning” move came as quite a jolt to city leaders.

The city, due to overly high taxes that make living in the gorgeous state too pricey for most working people, due to liberal policies that just don’t work, shall lose the business of the 15,000 people who usually attend this gathering. Just like that, poof, $40 million dollars that normally goes into the area won’t be spent because the city has become a crime-ridden cesspool.

They said that they are committed to this year and to 2023, but nothing in between or nothing thereafter,” D’Alessandro was forced to admit. “After that, they told us they are planning to go elsewhere — I believe it’s Los Angeles.”

While the association confessed to loving the city, the open drug use and the rampant problem with mentally ill people roaming dangerously has scared them off. There was even a board member attacked near Moscone Center, a truth that did not lend itself kindly to the bay city.

There was a time when the biggest obstacle to having a convention here was that it can be expensive, but now we have this new factor,” the CEO also stated. As if greed were not enough, it seems that Democrats in the West are piling on the reasons to avoid doing business there.

Even with uniformed off-duty police being hired, those arriving still didn’t feel safe enough to rethink their stance on the matter. Out of nine billion dollars generated last year in San Francisco, $1.7 billion came from conventions. There will be $725 million dollars in taxes lost with this medical gathering choosing to meet elsewhere.

You may not know it, but tourists spend more money outside of the hotel than inside the hotel,” informed Hotel Council Executive Director Kevin Carroll. “Everything from restaurants to shopping to taking taxis.

Even “local tech companies” that are in the city are voicing concern and anger over the problems.

It was just reported that a 25-pound bag of human waste was dumped on the sidewalk in the city just this week, it’s stench filling the nostrils of everyone as it sat in the sun. What company is going to spend millions of dollars to be around such filth?

As San Francisco is learning, not very many. The problem will only get worse if something is not rapidly done, too. However, since liberals are running the show, no one is holding their breath.

…only their noses.