He risked his own well-being to make sure that a random person on the street would be okay.


New York City is generally an uncaring place, as anyone who has spent any time there can tell you. The city is filled with people busily going about their own way, consumed with their own lives and their own issues. However, that does not mean that everyone is like that.

Last week, on Wednesday Eric Trump was in New York City with his security detail, and when he saw a woman pass out in front of him, the Trump scion leaped into action, rushed to her aid, and flagged down an ambulance to provide more assistance.

The woman, who is still unidentified, was standing outside of the F train stop in New York City, near 57th Street and Sixth Avenue on Wednesday morning.

Suddenly, she passed out, and Eric Trump, playing the role of the good Samaritan, stepped up to help.

He rushed to her aid, then spotted an ambulance passing by slowly (not an uncommon sight due to New York City’s famously terrible traffic).

Thinking quickly, the 34-year-old Trump, the third child and second son of president Donald J. Trump, ran into traffic, almost getting run over by a passing bicyclist, and shouted to the ambulance until he got its attention and they provided the care the unnamed woman needed.

The observer, who has no ties whatsoever to any of the Trumps, said that Eric Trump managed to get the attention of the ambulance, and convinced the paramedics to stop and care for the ailing woman.

According to the observer, despite the fame that goes with that particular last name, as well as being a large part of his father’s business, the son of the President did not garner much attention on New York City’s busy street’s.

After the paramedics took over, he left, along with his United States Secret Service security detail.

When asked about the incident, he humbly gave all the credit to the EMTs who took over, and said that it was “certainly” his first time “hailing an ambulance” in the Big Apple.

For many, who watch the mainstream media’s coverage of Donald Trump and his family, this story might be a bit of a surprise.

After all, the media regularly paints the entire family as if they were sociopaths, unconcerned with other people, living above the clouds and above the concerns of the common man.

Surely, if that were the case, the ailing health of a woman on the street would certainly be beneath them.

However, it wasn’t, and obviously isn’t. Furthermore, unlike former presidents who were well known for their narcissism, Eric Trump didn’t seek to expound upon his part in making sure that a random person he passed by was okay; he gave credit to the people who actually rendered the aid.

Is it possible that the media has attempted to mislead the American people about the Trump family, and to make them look far worse than they really are in the public eye in an attempt to pander to a leftist crowd desperate to have their biases confirmed?

Even the President of the United States, who the media has constantly attacked, has a long history of showing kindness.

In 1988, a 3-year-old child, Andrew Ten, and his parents, couldn’t find a flight from California to New York so they could seek medical treatment for the young man. None of the airlines would accommodate young Ten’s specific medical issues.

They asked Donald J. Trump if they could use his jet, and he agreed to, and sent his own personal jet to ferry the family from one side of the United States to the other.

He also sent a $10,000 dollar check to a good Samaritan, Darnell Barton, who stopped his bus in Buffalo, New York, and saved the life of a woman who was going to jump off of an overpass.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things that the Trump family has done for other people with no expectation of receiving anything exchange.

Maybe it’s time for the mainstream media to run stories like these. They certainly seemed to run numerous puff pieces about the Obamas meeting with child YouTube stars and being kind to local shop owners, while they were on their numerous vacations during the previous eight years.

Despite the media’s desire to seize on stories alleging misbehavior or haughty behavior on the part of the Trump clan, it simply seems like they’re cherry-picking to create an image of the family. Sadly, in doing so, they’re ignoring the immense kindness of people who would, even on a busy morning in NYC, look after a fellow New Yorker.

Eric Trump is a real person, and so is his father.