Adding some apparently much-needed “diversity” to the superhero film line-up, Sony has decided to move ahead with a new flick featuring a plus-size female lead, “a live action adaptation of the Valiant Comics superhero story Faith,” reports Deadline.

American Gods writer Maria Melnik has been signed to write the film, which will star superhero Faith Herbert, “a jubilant, comics-and-science-fiction loving geek who also happens to have telekinetic superpowers.”

“Faith marks a step forward toward making spandex characters more inclusive, since the men are almost always well muscled and the women model thin,” praises the outlet.

In 1992, the character first appeared as a member of the Harbinger team. “She is able to fly and has the ability to levitate other objects in her ‘companion field.’ She also doesn’t brood like most superheroes; she’s a pretty effervescent young woman,” notes Deadline.

In the current series starring Faith, which is written by Jody Houser, the lead moves to Los Angeles, where she holds a secret identity as a reporter.​

Finally, some real progress.