Special Counsel investigators ‘secretly pulled’ NRA tax files digging for ‘dark money’ Russian donors and Rosenstein gave them the power to do it.


The reason grand inquisitor Robert Mueller gets away with acting like he’s above the law is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave him virtually unlimited powers. Reports have exposed that Mueller secretly pulled the Internal Revenue Service tax files on the National Rifle Association, just to see if the NRA had any Russian “dark money” donors. Tax records show the names that are “hidden on public documents.”

Is there any vile, quasi-illegal abuse that Mueller can’t commit? Judge Ellis says no, as long as two things are connected in “any” way. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

The just released conclusion of District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III is that anyone who so much as passed a Trump bumper sticker along to a friend who likes Russian dressing on their salad is fair game for Mueller’s witch hunt. “The prosecutor is empowered to look at virtually any Russian contact no matter how ‘stale’ it is,” he writes.

Former DOJ prosecutor David Axelrod explains that’s how Mueller’s minions were able to get their hands on NRA donor records “entirely in the background, with no notice to the subject of the investigation.”

The FBI found out that the NRA donated to the Trump campaign so they started looking at who donated to the NRA. The Second Amendment supporting organization had no idea. Nobody even bothered to contact them for the information.

Twenty-three “Russia-linked” individuals donated “about $2,500” since 2015. One name caught the attention of the FBI, Alexander Torshin. The NRA says the only money they got from him was “his dues as a member of the organization.” Torshin has already been hit by “sanctions from the Treasury Department.”

Devin Nunes (R-Ca) had to threaten FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with impeachment before they would show him a copy of the appointment order. They finally coughed it up in mid-April.

The Judge in Paul Manafort’s case got his chance to tear the appointment document apart because Manafort asked for a dismissal. The crimes Manafort was charged with didn’t have anything at all to do with the election in 2016.

Ellis put the text under his judicial microscope and was appalled at what he saw.

Judge Ellis appeared sympathetic but explained that Mueller’s team really did have the authority. It seemed to Judge Ellis that investigators had an “ulterior motive,” though.

It looks to him like they charged Mr. Manafort only as a means of getting to President Donald Trump, the “true target.”

The “guidelines” that Rosenstein drew around Mueller gave him an almost limitless amount of elbow room. “Mr. Mueller is to investigate any links between the Russian government and Trump campaign associates.”

Relying on Supreme Court decisions, Judge Ellis noted that “any links” includes indirect or even “potential links.” A lawyer like Rosenstein would know that. Precedent determines that “the term ‘any’ has an expansive meaning, that is, ‘one or some indiscriminately of whatever kind.’”

One of President Trump’s campaign advisers, J.D. Gordon, declared “such an expansive definition is why so many people find themselves sitting down with the FBI.”

Gordon himself was caught up in Mueller’s dragnet because he “spoke briefly with the Russian ambassador at the Republican National Convention.”

That smells like a set-up in hindsight. “The diplomat was a guest sponsored by President Obama’s State Department.”

Two minutes of meaningless chatter cost the retired Navy Pentagon spokesman “hefty legal bills.”

Mueller’s inquisitors smelled blood in the water from that meeting because Gordon was in charge of the volunteer committee that included Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. Both men were needlessly dragged through the mud.

Papadopoulos took a guilty plea for “lying to the FBI about the timing of his meeting with a Moscow-connected professor.” He admitted trying to set up a meeting between candidate Donald Trump and the Kremlin but it never got off the ground.

Neither he or Mr. Page was charged with any kind of a conspiracy.

According to J.D. Gordon, there can only be one word for Mueller’s unlimited harassment: tyranny. “The Trump-Russia probes are tyrannical by definition,” he says.

“If and when they manage to haul you before a judge, your fate is basically a roll of the dice based upon the actions of FBI leadership during the Obama administration.”

Former Navy SEAL Erik Prince also got caught in Mueller’s trap. The global private security contractor happened to bump into a Russian hedge fund manager at a resort hotel in Seychelles. He also gave informal advice to the Trump campaign.

Because of Donald Trump’s prior career in “global land development,” he has contacts “with foreign investors from Russia and many other countries.” That is precisely why Peter Strzok came up with the plan in the first place.

Congress just had a chance to put Strzok on the witness stand but it was done behind closed doors. You can be certain that the watchdog committee members interrogating him had more than a few questions about the “insurance policy” that he cooked up.

Along with his Justice Department lover, Lisa Page and then-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, the trio plotted a response in “Andy’s” office, should Donald Trump do the unthinkable and win the election.