(CNSNews.com) – White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that the Democrats have no message, solutions, or leadership and only want to fight everything President Donald Trump does.

“We know that apparently the president met with four of his choices for the Supreme Court, and the list is out there, and I know you’re not really going to say much more beyond that, but politically, Sarah, there’s so many Democrats who’ve made it pretty clear they’re not going to vote for anybody the president nominates,” host Steve Doocy said.

“Look, I think that’s the Democrats’ message right now, which is oppose everything and do nothing. It’s frankly gotten really sad that their party has no message, no leadership, no solutions, and they want to fight a president who’s trying to lead and who’s doing amazing things for our country, and things that are really hard to argue with,” Sanders said.

“We have a booming economy. He’s created job after job after job. ISIS is on the run one day after the next. Great things are happening across the globe, and particularly in America, and this president is leading that effort,” she said.

“Democrats, frankly, they should join him in all of the great things that are happening in this country instead of fighting him, particularly since they have no ideas of their own,” Sanders said.

When asked whether to confirm rumors that Trump has added a couple names to the list of 25 potential justices that he’s interviewing, Sanders said, “The president has said he’s focused on that list, and as of right now, he’s going to continue to stick with that list.

“Look, the main thing the president is looking for are people that fit the qualifications that you would want in a Supreme Court justice – tremendous intellect, someone who will stick to upholding the Constitution and somebody who has great judicial temperament,” she said.

“Those are the big things the president is looking for in a candidate, and he’s got a great group to choose from, and I know he’s going to make the right decision, and we’re excited about his announcement on Monday,” Sanders added.

Meanwhile, the White House released a statement Tuesday from Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah, who is leading the messaging for the Supreme Court nomination process, saying, “Yesterday, the President spoke on the phone with Sen. Mike Lee.”

Lee, a Republican senator from Utah, is on the list of 25 potential candidates to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.