Rogue FBI agents leaked shredded documents from Michael Cohen to liberal news site.


Rogue officials secretly leaked “evidence” the FBI pieced together from the shredder of Michael Cohen, giving it to leftist BuzzFeed News. Despite this being an obvious attempt from the Deep State to smear President Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer, it’s clear that the leak didn’t live up to the hype.

BuzzFeed refused to disclose how it obtained the documents and, instead, claimed the piece was going to bring down Trump and Cohen. The FBI reportedly collected more than four million documents from shredders belonging to Cohen. They pieced them together and have had the documents since April.

A portion of the documents was leaked to BuzzFeed to attack the president, but it only proved how desperate liberals and the Deep State are to take down Trump and Cohen. The documents in the report only reveal handwritten notes about a taxi business, personal notes about meaningless things, and insurance papers.

All of which have absolutely nothing to do with the investigation into Cohen.

As detailed by Conservative Daily Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave federal prosecutors in Manhattan, New York a referral last month to execute a search warrant on Cohen’s office, home, and hotel. Mueller claimed he had information about Cohen, and gave it to federal officials so they could obtain a search warrant.

The raid was supposedly about Cohen’s alleged payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016 ,as part of a nondisclosure agreement for the President. Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump in 2006… it wasn’t like it was carried on in the Oval Office, and the allegations have not been proved.

Cohen has stated numerous times Trump was not aware of the payment nor did he have any involvement with the agreement.

BuzzFeed’s entire piece is mundane, and only features one section that actually contains information of note. However, that information is not new and was reported months ago:

“The clearest page documents a payment that has already been reported: a $62,500 wire transfer from March into a First Republic Bank account controlled by Cohen. This would fit with a series of payments reportedly from the Republican fundraiser Elliott Broidy. He reportedly paid Cohen to negotiate a nondisclosure agreement with a former Playboy model with whom Broidy was romantically involved.”

Looking beyond the legal battle and combating Deep State leaks, Trump and Cohen have attorney-client privilege. The judge in the case also been allowing Cohen to flag documents that should be protected.

More importantly, where’s the crime? What has Cohen done wrong?

Mueller has been charging Trump officials with crimes completely unrelated to Russia since he took over last May. He’s now even helping investigators target Cohen, but these efforts are falling short.

Consider this: the FBI reportedly has more than four million documents from Cohen related to the case. The documents leaked to BuzzFeed were deliberate and specific, meaning rogue officials were arguably leaking the most damaging information they have.

Based on BuzzFeed’s report, it would appear the only thing Cohen is guilty of is not throwing away his trash — four million documents is a lot. But nothing leaked to the liberal outlet reveals criminality or unethical behaviors.

This latest leak was anything but a bombshell.