Comey also trashed the NRA in his interview abroad…

James Comey Calls for US Gun Control in UK Interview

(i news) The US must overcome the “lies” of the NRA to save lives by introducing stricter gun controls, former FBI chief James Comey has said, in the wake of the latest American school shooting massacre.

Mr Comey, who served as director of the FBI from 2013 until 2017 when he was sacked by Donald Trump, made a rare intervention on the highly controversial topic in an interview with i after 10 people were killed by a gunman at Santa Fe High School in Texas last month.

Mr Comey said: “Surely there are things we can agree upon that relate to who’s able to buy a weapon, what kind of weapon and at what age, what the capabilities of the weapon are, how many rounds does it hold, and things like that, that in no way threaten the rights under the US constitution of people to keep and bear arms.”

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“One of the worst things that goes on in the US is the current voice of the National Rifle Association, because it sells fear in the wake of any incident.”

James Comey was a registered Republican supporter until 2012. The party has long been supported by NRA donations, but he said the organisation had “overplayed its hand” in trying to prevent tighter gun controls, such as the background checks overseen by the FBI…

“There’s no slippery slope in America when it comes to guns. It’s a concrete staircase, which is our constitution…. We just have to decide should we go up a stair or down a stair…”

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