She used her handgun to shoot the alleged criminal in the face, stopping him from hijacking the vehicle and kidnapping herself and her two young children.


Most parents have visceral reactions when their children are placed in danger, spurring them to do things that they would otherwise not be capable. Thankfully, a Texas mother’s reaction was to shoot a man in the face when he tried to steal her car with her children inside.

Her quick thinking likely saved her children from very serious harm, and severely injured the criminal who thought he would abscond with both the vehicle and the two kids from the gas station they had stopped at in Dallas, Texas. Hopefully, as she said, it also “woke him up” to the realities of his criminal lifestyle. Meanwhile, the left-leaning media is trying to make it sound like she did something wrong in shooting him to save her children!

Michelle Booker-Hicks stopped at the Shell station along I-35 around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, while most other Americans were out celebrating their independence with fireworks, barbecue, and copious amounts of alcohol.

While she was paying her gas bill after filling up her automobile, 36-year-old Ricky Wright attempted to steal the vehicle.

At the time, Booker-Hicks’ two children, four and two years of age, were playing in the back seat of the car.

When she saw Wright get in the car and begin to hijack her vehicle, she jumped in the backseat with her children, and told him to stop and get out of the car, a reasonable demand.

Rather than responding to her command, he turned around and looked at her. She reached over the armrest and get to her firearm in the glove box.

According to her account, she shot the criminal in the face as he tried to drive the hijacked car away, causing him to crash the vehicle into a fence.

She added that she should have emptied the entire magazine into the criminal, but that she didn’t.

She also said that she hoped being shot in the face woke the alleged criminal up concerning his criminal activities.

According to local authorities, she was released after providing a statement to the local police, and is not likely to face any charges for what sounds like a valid shooting in self-defense. Of course, that seems insane to the BBC.

On the other hand, her assailant, shockingly, managed to survive being shot in the face at close range.

He was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment with a gunshot wound to the face.

He is expected to recover, and will likely face charges including kidnapping (for attempting to take the two children and the mother against their wills) and the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, or carjacking.

When leftists around the country ask people why they need to be able to have a handgun, or to be able to carry a handgun, or to be able to carry a handgun concealed, incidents like this are the exact reason. And, even if these incidents never happened, that does not change the constitution of the United States and the right it gives for an individual’s right to have firearms.

It sounds like Hicks perfectly played the role of mother to her children, and fought to protect them with the tenacity and effort that any mama bear would show.

If she didn’t have that handgun, the headline could easily have been much more tragic.

Instead, it could have read “Mother killed, two children missing after carjacking at gas station.”

That assumes that the kind of person who would steal a vehicle with two children in the back wouldn’t harm the children or sell them to perverted monsters. Obviously, the story could’ve taken a much more grim turn, if not for the handgun and the quick-thinking actions the mother took.

In an interview with CBS Dallas, she gave a message for her assailant, saying that she wished she had killed him if she “didn’t already.”

Thankfully, in this wondrous story of what a ‘good person with a gun’ can accomplish at need, the only person hurt was the carjacker, Wright. The mother and her children escaped completely unscathed.

When the left says that there is no evidence that a ‘good guy with a gun’ ever did anything positive, they’re ignoring the hundreds of thousands of stories just like this one, where a person with a firearm, in the right place, at the right time, blessed with the conscience and constitution to act, saved lives.

Whether it’s the National Rifle Association instructor who put an end to the shooting at a Texas church with his trusty AR-15, or the mother who used her handgun to make sure her children were safe and her vehicle wasn’t stolen, there are scores of stories of good people using firearms to good effect.

Thankfully, Booker-Hicks was able to protect herself effectively with a firearm. Hopefully, the left never manages to deprive people like her of that wondrous tool for self-defense and self-determination.