Judicial Watch has found that even government workers abused the children in nightmarish ways.


The definition of “children” seems to have changed for the rabid left. To them, as WMD has confirmed, “admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes and human traffickers” now count as “children,” a definition quite different from what others would call some of these border criminals.

According to Judicial Watch, the “unaccompanied alien children” that swarmed in under the rule of President Obama were comprised of quite a few of that ilk. The facts only get grimmer. Many of the children were raped and abused as they were brought to the U.S. illegally (a huge reason why only legal migration can be allowed) “and government workers and contractors were among their abusers.”

There were 24,000 UAM “incidents” which made the abuse somewhat “normal” under Obama’s leadership. There were found to be 80 percent of these minors who had violent and predatory pasts that were covered up by the former leftist government.

Wait. Government agents???

If that had happened during the reign of President George W. Bush, the headlines would read “GOVERNMENT WORKERS FOR BUSH MOLEST CHILDREN.” While Obama did not likely sanction it, it took place under his watch. Can it be imagined what would happen if this went down while Donald Trump was/is in office?

The Obama administration presided over a humanitarian and public safety nightmare in its handling of ‘unaccompanied alien children,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Fitton also found that “incident reports” supported that “the Trump administration’s contention that the UAC crisis, which continues, includes murderers, rapists, drug smugglers and human traffickers being routinely allowed into the United States.”

Yes, it is true, Mr. Trump was not smearing any race of people.

If so, he would not have worked so hard to protect Mexican children and others from harm. The facts show that what he has said is true.

Documents reveal that “in [sic] fiscal year 2014 there were 24,680 Significant Incident Reports filed with the Office of Refugee Resettlement.” According to some sources, it costs between $750 and $1000 to apply for U.S. citizenship and it costs nothing to apply to enter legally for less permanent time periods.

The horrible crimes that come about when things are not done properly are too gross in nature for the normal mind to even contemplate (listed below). Just reading them is enough to send a devout atheist to Sunday church worship and this is a reason why the White House has been so very dogmatic about the border laws.

Because Donald Trump is not part of the liberal socialist crowd, who both control the media and wish to yield to a godless one world government, he is painted as this diabolical racist who has the word “bigot” tattooed on his upper arm beside the NAZI flag. In reality, however, it is clear that children are being harmed by illegal migration as much as the economy and public safety are.

Now that Judicial Watch has confirmed this truth, perhaps the MSM will, at last, understand just what it is that is happening with so many of the “unaccompanied children.”

Here are some of the crimes found by Judicial Watch in the HHS report:

  • “UACs admitting to murder, belonging to MS-13, threatening others with rape, admitting to drug smuggling, molesting other UACs and seriously assaulting other UACs or staff;
  • UACs who were raped and/or molested on the way to the United States or in the United States;
  • U.S. government contractors and employees allegedly assaulting or having sexual relationships with UACs; and
  • Other incidents, crimes, abuse and self-harm.