The suspects sped off in a white Mercedes Benz.


When crimes are committed by a suspect in broad daylight, those who read the reports are often shocked by it. As the Daily Mail reported today, it is even more shocking when multiple people openly act with vicious murder while others watch. It seems that the gunless society in New York is not civilized at all.

In Manhattan, New York, it was mayhem as a man was stabbed many times by more than one person right in the street. The horror unfolded at around 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Greenwich Village. This took place only about a week after a man was attacked with a baseball bat while riding the subway and this has led many to wonder if the dark days of the Big Apple are returning.

A witness who called 911 said that the nightmarish attack took place “outside 11 W 14th Street.” The exact details of the stabbing are still being gathered and police are said to be “canvassing” the area for suspects.

It has been established that the culprits sped off in a white Mercedes-Benz that had New York license plates.

The victim was stabbed in the face and authorities requested an ambulance for that person.

If this is what New York City is becoming, then clearly, the liberal city that never sleeps may wish to rethink who it is that they are voting for each election cycle.

Carrying a weapon is nearly prohibited, so law abiding citizens are at the mercy of evil thugs.

During the last few years as New York looks grimmer and grimmer, things like monitoring how much pop a person can buy or sell has been on the forefront of the city’s agenda, not more prudent matters like stopping people from getting stabbed in the face in open daylight.

The mayor has been more worried about stopping the proliferation of plastic bags than he has been about ensuring that the city is as safe as it can be.

Maybe this terrible crime will cause a few people to consider some of these facts. If not, most assuredly, this won’t be the last time that a report like this is heard.