The first two weeks of July have been a major challenge for liberal networks CNN and MSNBC, liberal mainstream media giants who are both struggling to cling onto the few viewers they have left.

Fox News beat out both mainstream networks for ratings again last week, raking in an audience of 1.3 million in total day viewers. It landed them the top network spot for the 26th consecutive week.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon and HGTV — home of children cartoons and renovation shows, respectively — beat both CNN and MSNBC by thousands of viewers every day.


MSNBC and CNN were knocked down to the third and 16th slots in primetime viewers for the week of July 2 to July 8.

CNN managed to only bring in a total of 669,000 primetime viewers. MSNBC was barely able to top CNN, finishing third in primetime viewers with 1.342 million viewers. Fox News boasted 2 million total day viewers from July 2 to July 8.

Meanwhile, Nickelodeon finished second in total day viewers with 914,000, while HGTV finished third with 814,000. MSNBC only had 763,000, while CNN struggled to stay afloat with only 535,000.


The credibility of both CNN and MSNBC has dropped significantly over the last two years, and their constant drop in ratings reflects that.

Maybe it’s time that both networks stop creating the major scandals, and just start reporting honestly.

–The Horn editorial team