What could they possibly think she has to offer that will lead to evidence of Russian collusion?

In the last week, there have been a number of shocking claims made concerning the Robert Mueller special investigation and that newest development in that case. For example, rumors circulated in the last few days have claimed that at least two people who the investigators filed immunity for were John Podesta and Tony Podesta, leftist allies to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

However, a shocking surprise claim, first reported by TMZ, of all places, suggests yet another strange turn in a case that has been characterized by them. According to the gossip reporters at the celebrity gossip outlet, Kristin Davis, more commonly known as the ‘Manhattan Madam,’ has been subpoenaed by the Mueller special investigation.

Kristin Davis is someone who occupied a very strange place in New York City society. Namely, she operated a high-end prostitution ring in the city, and (according to her claims) her clientele included people like Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and David Beckham.

She came to prominence, however, when she claimed that former Attorney General and then-Governor of the state of New York Elliot Spitzer utilized her ‘services.’

Furthermore, she claimed that he was violent, to the point where he was blacklisted from using her firm or ‘her’ girls any more.

She turned over evidence to local, county, state, and even federal investigators, though local police never found any evidence that she had ever provided any ‘service’ to Spitzer.

Since then, Kristin Davis worked for former top Donald Trump aide Roger Stone for around a decade. She also had a number of interactions with Andrew Miller, who was subpoenaed by the Mueller special investigation sometime last month.

According to sources on the inside, Davis’ lawyers are currently negotiating the scope of the subpoena with the Mueller legal team, which is headed by Andrew Weissmann, who acts as the prosecutor.

Stone, of course, was named by the special investigators last week, in reference to the 12 new indictments against Russian nationals who are not likely to ever stand before a judge and actually face the charges.

As with so many of the subpoenas involved in this case, the real question is what the purpose behind it is.

Is the Mueller team hoping that she has some sort of dirt on Roger Stone, or on Andrew Miller, both of whom she has worked with in recent history?

If so, it may be that the prosecutors are hoping to use that information to motivate the Trump confidants to turn on Donald Trump, or to finally provide some sort of information that could connect the President to the alleged ‘Russian Collusion.’

Alan Dershowitz, one of the most brilliant legal minds that the political left has to offer, has suggested before that this might be what the Mueller investigation was attempting to do, and that they are simply going after anyone related to President Trump in some way in hoping that they will be able to compel someone to say something negative about him, whether it is true or not.

Frankly, it seems less like a serious investigation, and more like subpoenaing someone for the sake of making the news.

More than a year into the Mueller special investigation, there is still no solid evidence of the ‘Russian collusion’ that the investigation was launched to find.

Of the first few indictments handed out, of which 13 went to Russian individuals and three went to companies headquartered in Russia, only one received a response, and it began to fall apart in court almost immediately.

Likely, Mueller’s team and Andrew Weissmann, his prosecutor, never thought that they would have to defend those indictments, and some have suggested that they were not serious indictments designed to stand up to the scrutiny of a trained lawyer, but rather, political talking points meant to provide some sort of evidence that he was accomplishing something.

The longer the investigation continues, though, the less it seems like a serious investigation into wrongdoing, and the more it appears to be simply a chance for the ‘deep state’ to harass members of the Donald Trump campaign and administration.

At this point, the investigation just seems like a joke. It’s time that the Mueller investigation either provide evidence that they’re actually looking for ‘Russian collusion,’ or else disband the group and stop wasting everyone’s time and the taxpayers’ money.

After the news last night that the investigators may have even offered immunity to someone so he can testify against someone who committed almost the exact same crime, it simply looks like a partisan fishing expedition, not a real quest to find collusion of any sort.