WATCH: CNN analyst lists facts about Trump’s ‘tremendous’ economy, stumps host with this question


Economist Stephen Moore made it clear on CNN Friday that the economy is booming under President Donald Trump and its his leadership Americans have to thank for record unemployment and surging wages.

Moore’s comments came after Trump criticized the Federal Reserve for continuing to increase interest rates.

On Thursday, Trump said he was “not thrilled” by the Fed’s actions. By Friday, Trump blasted the Fed for “taking away” America’s “big competitive edge” with China and the European Union.

What did Moore say?

“When it comes to the economy, you’ve got 4.5 percent growth, you’ve got the lowest unemployment rate in virtually 30, 40 years, you’ve got low inflation,” Moore explained.

“Whatever Trump is doing on the economy, it sure is working because we’ve got these tremendous conditions right now,” he added, explaining that people who criticize Trump’s work on the economy have no facts to stand on.

“It’s hard to argue [Trump] hasn’t been a really good custodian of our economy,” Moore declared.

“Will you accept that notion?” Moore asked the CNN host with a laugh.

Moore is CNN’s senior economic analyst and previously served as an economic adviser to the Trump campaign.