Conflicting reports suggest Kimberly Guilfoyle’s exit from Fox News was not voluntary

Chris Enloe

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s tenure at Fox News, which spanned more than a decade, unceremoniously came to an end on Friday.

However, details surrounding Guilfoyle’s exit are not clear.

What do reports say?

The surprising news first broke Friday morning when Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman reported Guilfoyle was planning to leave Fox to hit the campaign trail with her boyfriend, Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump.

Later reports said Guilfoyle planned to join America First Politics, a pro-Trump PAC working to elect and re-elect Republicans onboard with the Trump agenda in November’s midterm elections. The news was later confirmed by a spokesperson for Trump Jr.

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But according to reports from HuffPost and the Daily Mail, Guilfoyle’s career the network where she served as a longtime legal analyst and co-host of the popular show “The Five,” may not have ended on amicable terms.

HuffPost’s Yashar Ali reported Friday, citing three sources, that “Guilfoyle did not leave the cable news network voluntarily.” He did not elaborate or provide additional details.

Additionally, the Daily Mail reported Guilfoyle was “unceremoniously dumped” from the network and was not even allowed to deliver a “goodbye” message to her viewers. She was replaced by Katie Pavlich on Friday’s episode of “The Five.”

Ultimately, Fox News released a succinct statement: “Fox News has parted ways with Kimberly Guilfoyle.”

What did Guilfoyle’s camp say?

In an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation, Guilfoyle’s lawyer, Thomas Clare, disputed reports that Guilfoyle’s exit was not amicable. In fact, Clare said his client had been in discussions with Fox to finalize her departure.

“As FoxNews noted in statement earlier today, Ms. Guilfoyle and the network have agreed to part ways. That agreed-upon parting of ways has not yet been finalized, has been under discussion for an extended period of time, and is entirely mutual and amicable,” Clare said.

Clare also showed the Daily Caller News Foundation that Guilfoyle’s Fox News email account remained active as of 6:46 p.m. on Friday.

An additional source told the Daily Caller News Foundation: “Fox has known for a while that she was planning on moving to the America First PAC and her leaving Fox is 100 percent voluntary. … Any assertion that she was pushed out of Fox is false.”