Seek help from President Trump’s Labor Relations Board…

PRO-LIFE WINNING: Planned Parenthood Shuttering Clinics Across Midwest, Mountains

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) Ultra-progressive Planned Parenthood apparently isn’t interested in practicing what it preaches — at least, not when it comes to supporting the unionization efforts of its own workers.

The taxpayer-funded abortion and women’s health organization is highly-political, and a favorite institution among left-leaning politicians and activists.

But so are labor unions.

The management-on-labor crackdown is the latest such anti-union spectacle on the far-left to make headlines in recent years, two others being the George Soros-funded attack dog Media Matters for America and the extremely liberal news and opinion website, Slate.

Recently in Colorado, Planned Parenthood executives went so far as to petition President Donald Trump’s National Labor Relations Board — the bane of Democratic Party’s organized labor complex — to bust its Colorado chapter’s efforts to unionize.

In coordination with SEIU Local 105, employees of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains won an in-house election to organize into a labor union in December 2017.

But instead of recognizing the outcome, Planned Parenthood turned hat-in-hand to the Republican-controlled Labor Relations Board for help.

Planned Parenthood management won the first face-off, and the case is now heading toward a final conclusion.

“One of the big things has been wages,” Amanda Martin, a health center worker at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) told Rolling Stone.

“Wages have really been stagnant,” she said.

The Rocky Mountain workers approached CEO Vicki Cowart to discuss the issue, but were instead directed into meetings where they were instructed to sit down and listen to presentations about the ills of unionization.

An anti-union mailer was also sent to the homes the Colorado affiliate’s workers.

“BE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE FACTS AND VOTE NO,” the headline on the mailer said.

Planned Parenthood is by far the country’s leading source of abortions. It committed 321,384 abortions in fiscal year 2016, or 880 abortions a day, according to data obtained by the Family Research Council.

Planned Parenthood workers are now at the mercy of the full five-member Labor Relations Board, which contains three Trump appointees.

The ruling could have national implications on the organization.