Great hire, guys

Can't Make It Up: Fact-Checker Who Misidentified ICE Agent's 'Nazi' Tattoo Hired by Media Matters to Research Alt-Right


Remember last month when blue-check celebrities like actor Ron Perlman smeared as a Nazi a veteran of the Marine Corps and double amputee who now works for ICE as a computer forensics analyst? Why? Because of the Iron Cross tattoo on his arm.

After Perlman and others spread the false claim far and wide, ICE issued a tweet clarifying that the tattoo is a symbol of his platoon in Afghanistan.

Among those giving steam to the idea that ICE had hired a Nazi was former New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin, who this week tweeted that she’s found a new gig with Media Matters for America researching right-wing extremist groups. Great hire, guys.