Her opponent, Shiva Ayyadurai, later expressed how “white liberals are the real racists.”

The fight for current Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s seat in this year’s election is underway, as the controversy regarding her claimed ethnicity as a Native American has reemerged as well, along with other racial speculations.

Entrepreneur and scientist Shiva Ayyadurai, “an Indian-born American running as an independent against, Sen. Warren,” was recently called ‘racist’ and physically attacked by a Warren liberal at a rally while expressing his views. Ayyadurai immediately responded, rightfully noting that the leftist protesters are of the racist party.

Unfortunately, this is not a new theme from democrats with their proven history of racism, seen especially in their own development of the Ku Klux Klan and opposition to civil rights, among many other examples.

The recent demonstration of liberals “being white supremacists and racists,” as Ayyadurai later called the incident, however, occurred in the typical recent fashion: in attacking any non-democrat as a racist.

Such occurred on Sunday in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where Elizabeth Warren was expected to rally at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.

Large crowds of supporters gathered, as did those in favor of Ayyadurai, an independent, whose platform focuses on ‘decentralized government’ in his campaign slogan: ‘Declare Your Independence For The Life You Deserve.’

He appeared on “the north side of Great Barrington Town Hall” with a megaphone, protesting against “the hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren” and other “scumbag lawyer lobbyists” who claim to put the people first and fail.

In the recorded footage of the altercation, he opposes Warren on the street, which then jumps to a scene where Ayyadurai can be heard commentating that the debate had suddenly turned into a “discussion about racism.”

An elderly man can then be seen emerging from the crowd of now-triggered Warren supporters, threateningly approaching Ayyadurai with a large umbrella.

He appears to be continuing a claim that Ayyadurai is racist, followed by screaming, “…like our president!”

Ayyadurai immediately responded, saying, “That’s right you’re the racist!”

The enraged man continues to cross the street to Ayyadurai, appearing unnecessarily close to the candidate’s face as the Ayyadurai supporters continually chant ‘racist!’ at him.

The man wearing an appropriate shirt reading ‘LIBERAL’ then suddenly makes an attempt to assault Ayyadurai, shoving the megaphone towards his face.

Immediately, Ayyadurai supporters jumped in, forcing the man to the ground. Surrounding police were quick to “intervene and handcuffed” the angry citizen.

Naturally, the opposing crowds continued shouting; however, Ayyadurai had the benefit of the megaphone in getting several points across:

“You’ve never experienced it [racism],” he noted towards the liberal, predominantly Caucasian crowd.

Ayyadurai further continued that “What you just witnessed is how you white supremacists react when you don’t want to hear the truth from a dark-skinned Indian guy. The same guy you claim you want to help,” he adds, likening their own hypocrisy to Warren’s.

On Twitter, Ayyadurai continued, writing, “I will take a punch to the face ANY DAY for America & free speech. We will have another ANTI-RACIST rally against the scumbag #FakeIndian @SenWarren and her white supremacist THUGS.”

The Warren supporter who initiated the act of violence has yet to be identified; however, police have “confirmed that the man was charged with assault and battery” and was expected to appear at Southern Berkshire District Court on Monday.

While liberal intolerance and violence were clearly revealed on Sunday, it was yet another reminder of extreme leftists’ hypocrisy, once again regarding race relations.

Throughout history, they have been the true racist party. Liberals in denial may demand proof of this, to which they need look no further than the 1866 formation of the Ku Klux Klan with a specific “resistance to the republican party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks.”

Fast forward nearly a century and the same theme remained true when republican legislators overwhelmingly supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964 more than democrats did, with 80 percent in support of it, versus 61, respectfully.

Unsurprisingly, democrats have again denied history, claiming that the outcome was the result of the still-divided north and south, blaming racist, southern leftists.

Still, that does not excuse their party’s past as a whole, yet in recent years especially, have claimed the right to be the prejudiced party while opposing the Constitution one amendment at a time in apparently forgetting that it includes equal protection under the fourteenth amendment.

Most importantly, Ayyadurai said of the left, “They don’t own the narrative on race,” following Sunday’s altercation which nearly resulted in the candidate suffering a “shattered tooth.”

As he argued, democrats admittedly need to “take a look in the mirror” regarding their own behavior.

Yet they continue to divide the nation and prove their racist ways, not through slavery or otherwise previously implemented instances of segregation, but through their incessant need to make everything about race in claiming that the GOP, President Trump, and his supporters are the racist ones.

Recently such has manifested in the debate surrounding immigration reform and rightfully enforcing federal law, claiming that the Trump administration is racist towards non-Americans in failing to accept and fund every immigrant and refugee into the United States.

Yet such is only a distraction to the underlying issues within the country’s borders regarding American citizens whether African American, Caucasian, Indian, Native American, or any other race. As proven before and reaffirmed again on Sunday, democrats are continually responsible for perpetuating racism across ethnicities despite their ‘equality’ claims.