Suspects had prior convictions for serious crimes such as assault, weapons charges, and sexual and violent offenses…

Multiple Illegal Entries, Attacks on Police, Get Alien Only a Year in Prison

(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced the arrest of 65 criminal illegal aliens on Wednesday — half of them had already been arrested by local law enforcement, but were released under “sanctuary” policies.

The ICE arrests were the result of a successful five-day immigration raid dubbed Operation Cross Check, which took place across New York City and Long Island, NY, ending July 20.

Shockingly, all but one of the 65 arrested individuals had been previously deported from the United States and had returned illegally — some multiple times.

Nearly half of the individuals had been arrested by local law enforcement agencies, but were released despite having active “detainers” placed on them.

ICE places detainers on illegal aliens who have been arrested on local criminal charges and who are suspected of being deportable under current law.

A detainer allows ICE officers to take custody of an arrested illegal alien when they are scheduled to be released from local law enforcement custody.

But with the rise of sanctuary city policies, like in New York City, illegal aliens with significant criminal histories are being released back into the public instead of being turned over to ICE.

Critics view such sanctuary practices as willfully compromising public safety.

“In this operation 64 of the 65 arrested had already been removed from this country, and the majority have either criminal convictions or pending criminal charges,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations in New York.

Numerous individuals arrested in Operation Cross Check had prior convictions for serious crimes, such as assault, weapons charges, and sexual and violent offenses.

In one case, a Mexican national, 41, had prior convictions of aggravated identity theft, criminal mischief, DWI, petit larceny and resisting arrest. He had been released from NYPD custody despite an active ICE detainer and being deported separate six times.

A 48 year-old Jamaican national was also apprehended. Records showed he had prior convictions for cocaine and weapons possession. Another arrestee, a 31 year-old previously removed Salvadoran national, had convictions for forcibly touching an unnamed person’s “sexual/intimate parts” and petty larceny.

“The fact is that ICE in New York continues to enforce immigration laws as they have always done, targeting criminal aliens and removing them from our streets,” said Decker.