CBS This Morning on Friday previewed America’s surging gross domestic product. The show even credited the tax cuts for the booming economy. ABC’s Good Morning America ignored the news, despite two hours of available air time.

CBS co-host John Dickerson touted that economists are expecting “big things.” Talking to business analyst Jill Schlesinger, he wondered, “Why are they expecting it to be so good?” Schlesinger credited the Trump/congressional Republican tax cuts:



We’re expecting it to be so good because of the tax cuts. Corporations have taken those tax savings and spent a ton of money  in the second quarter and it looks like individuals have done some retail spending.

This may have been a little too much for co-host Gayle King (who is also a Democratic donor lobbying Oprah WInfrey to make a 2020 run). Schlesinger touted the coming good news:

We’re expecting about a 4, maybe a 4.2 percent annual pace for the quarter, right. And what’s fascinating about that, if we get a 4, 4.2 percent number, it would put it in the top ten of great growth quarters since the year 2000. So, this would be a very significant quarter.

King looked for the downside. She complained: “But, yet, you keep hearing great economic numbers and people saying, ‘My life isn’t getting better.’ How does this effect them?

After 9am, when two of the three morning shows had ended, the GDP number was announced as a 4.1 precent increase, the best in nearly four years.  At about 9:40AM, the President spoke about the good economic news. NBC’s Today broke in with live coverage. During the live break in, NBC’s Chuck Todd feared that Trump had “over-hyped” the strong economy.  (The networks also ignored Trump’s economic swing through Iowa on Thursday.)

CNBC and Bloomerg saw the news as a “win for Trump.” For more on the cable coverage of the GDP number, go here.