Authorities in Florida arrested Wisner Desmaret, an illegal alien, numerous times in the past 10 years but shielded him from ICE.

Authorities in Florida arrested Wisner Desmaret, an illegal alien, numerous times in the past 10 years but chose to shield him from ICE and potential deportation. Now Wisner Desmaret has been arrested for shooting a Florida police officer in the head. 

The Florida officer was still in “critical but stable condition” on Thursday after being shot in the head five days ago by the illegal alien, even as reports emerged that the shooting suspect should have been sent safely out of the country years ago.

But because authorities in Florida allowed him to continue living in the United States as an illegal, he was free to roam the streets. Eventually one of their own officers paid the price for their decision.

According to the WFTX, Fort Myers police Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller was nearly killed by a man he was trying to arrest at a gas station Saturday night for allegedly assaulting a group of males and stealing a cell phone from a car.

The man who shot the officer was Wisner Desmaret, a 29-year-old Haitian national who has been in custody at least twice before, according to WBBH, NBC2.

As WBBH reported:

“The Glades County Sheriff’s Office said that Desmaret was placed on an ’ICE Hold’ in December 2008. He was then released to ICE officials at the Krome facility in Miami.

“Two years later, in a 2010 booking report, Desmaret was placed on another ‘ICE Hold, this time in Lee County.”

Western Journal reports: It wasn’t clear why Desmaret was still on the loose after these run-ins, but what is clear is that he’s not a citizen of the United States who should not have been in a position to almost kill a Florida police officer in a street confrontation.

Even his father admitted to South Florida’s WINK News that Desmaret shouldn’t have been in the country.

Desmaret’s father, John, told WINK his son came to the country legally when he was 10 years old. But his legal status had expired.

“He’s not a citizen, he’s not a citizen. But he came legally. He had a visa, he came legally,” he said.

Well, now he’s in jail, facing  at least eight charges, according to Fox News, including attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

An ICE spokesman told WBBH that Desmaret could well face deportation proceedings again, but it won’t be until he’s finished serving his Florida sentences, if that ever happens. The attempted murder charge along could get him life in prison, according to state law.

But the important thing here is that if the immigration system had been working correctly, if at least one ICE hold had been handled correctly, then a Florida police officer would not have almost been killed by this particular illegal alien on a summer night in Southwest Florida.

Democrats want to abolish ICE? If anything, the agency needs more power.