“Today— Monday, not today, Monday marks the 53rd year…”

CONFUSION: Pelosi thinks it’s a different day — twice!

The August recess can’t come soon enough for Nancy Pelosi.

The House Minority Leader held her last press conference before the 5-week break, and she was seen again having brain freezes, marring words and seemed to think the meeting and press conference with President Trump and Vladimir Putin, held 9 days earlier in Helsinki, “was today”.

Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that Democrats are “for lower progr— prescription drug prices.”

Moments later, she got confused about what day it was.

“Today— Monday, not today, Monday marks the 53rd year…” she said, citing the wrong day of the week and being forced to correct herself.

She marred “trillion,” saying “trallion” after suffering a brain freeze during a statement about the deficit.

While claiming Democrats would “protect our democracy” from Russia, she inserted an unknown word into her statement.

After attacking Trump with John McCain’s condemnation, she seemed to think the president’s press conference with Putin, held 9 days earlier, was actually Thursday.

“When the president presents himself in such a dangerous, destructive and disgraceful way, it evokes a response and he did get one from John McCain who said, the press conference, today’s press conference in Helsinki…” she said.

While concluding her appearance, she repeated several times that Democrats would “own” the August recess and, apparently, make Republican members’ lives difficult.

“We intend to own August, own the ground as we go into the 100 days before the election,” she said.

Democrats will likely be holding their collective breath for those hundred days, hoping Nancy Pelosi doesn’t do too much more damage to their brand.