The widow of a politician has claimed he was part of a international pedophile ring that went to "the highest heights you can imagine."

The widow of a high-level politician has blown the whistle on her late husband claiming he was part of a international political pedophile ring that went to “the highest heights you can imagine.”

Anihera Zhou Black has bravely come forward in an exclusive interview with The New Zealand Herald saying that her late husband was involved in an elite pedophile ring that went “deep and wide,” spanning the four corners of the globe.

“These people aren’t just laborers and workers at fast food restaurants,” Black says.

“These people are in suits, they are people in power,” she added.

According to Zhou Black’s stomach-churning, Facebook live broadcast, her husband was also a pedophile involved at the very highest levels of government.

Zhou Black, 49 said her difficult decision to expose her late husband as a Satanic pedophile was intended to give victims of abuse the strength to come forward.

Black also revealed that her late husband used their marriage as a ‘disguise’ to mask his pedophilia and horrific child abuse — a common tactic employed by political pedophiles all over the world.