Breitbart News chronicles the nine times globalists have claimed GDP growth was impossible under Trump

Fail: 9 Times Globalists Claimed Mass Immigration Is Necessary to Increase GDP

For decades, the big business lobby, ideologically globalist politicians, and economists have claimed that the only route to increasing the United States’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is through increasing legal immigration levels.

On Friday, thanks to President Trump’s “America First” economy, GDP soared to 4.1 percent for the second quarter of 2018, outpacing the first quarter, in which GDP was 2.2 percent.

While Trump was on the campaign trail throughout 2015 and 2016, he repeatedly said his economic nationalist agenda would bring the U.S. GDP to at least three percent.

Globalist politicians, business executives, and economists blasted his statements at the time, claiming the only way for the U.S. to increase GDP was through mass immigration and expanding legal immigration levels beyond the already more than 1.5 million mostly low-skilled legal immigrants that are admitted to the country every year.

Here, Breitbart News chronicles the nine times globalists have claimed GDP growth was impossible under Trump:

1. Jeb Bush in 2015: We Have to ‘Dramatically Expand’ Immigration to Get 4% GDP 

In 2015, then-presidential candidate Jeb Bush claimed the U.S. would need to “dramatically expand” legal immigration to the country in order to obtain four percent GDP.

Bush said:

It seems to me we ought to be strategic about this about how do we create high, sustained economic growth And that is to shift away from family reunification being almost the sole driver of illegal immigration to narrowing that do what every other country has, spouse and minor children. And dramatically expanding immigrants that are coming to work. A  guest worker program to deal in the areas where there are shortages.

2. Marco Rubio, Larry Kudlow in 2012: Mass Immigration Necessary for Economic Growth

In 2012, when Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was just about to release his now infamous “Gang of Eight” amnesty plan — that would have given amnesty to the majority of the 12 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. and would have increased legal immigration levels — he and then-CNBC host Larry Kudlow pushed the notion that the amnesty and mass immigration plan was necessary for economic growth.

KUDLOW: I believe, and I’m here to encourage you, immigration reform if done correctly sir, is pro-growth … immigration reform is pro-growth, alright … heck our fertility rate is going down to two percent in this country, we’re going to need workers, both high-end and low-end. Senator Rubio, don’t give up on immigration reform … you are a leader on this. Immigration reform is pro-growth.

RUBIO: I agree with that concept. And I think the fundamental obstruction that we face is not on the pro-growth side of immigration reform, I think that’s a majority position in America that we have to have a legal immigration system that allows us … to bring in a workforce when necessary.

3. Paul Ryan in 2013: Mass Immigration ‘Will Help’ U.S. Have ‘Growth We Want’