Former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon joined Sean Hannity on Friday to discuss the upcoming midterm elections.

Steve told Sean this will be the first referendum on President Trump.

Steve Bannon: Sean, you said something, this is the most important midterm. I would just like to rephrase that. I think this is President Trump’s first re-elect. This is going to be an up or down vote. It’s a referendum on the Trump presidency. They are very focused. The opposition is going to be very focused on trying to win the House of Representatives, on trying to win Congress in order to impeach President Trump and stop the entire project. Whether it’s the economic growth, whether it’s the renegotiation of the world trade deals, whether it’s his America First national security, whether it’s southern border security. You pick it. They’re going to try to unwind it. So this is really, the Democrats got one thing and it’s a do-over. It’s 100 days and a wake-up, we’re going to have essentially a national election.

Via Hannity: