JORDAN: ‘All my colleagues see through this story, so we’re focused on doing what we told the American people we’re going to do…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accused Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, of pursuing impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to hide allegations that he did not report sexual assault while at Ohio State University.

Jordan announced he was running for Speaker of the House last week, giving Pelosi greater reason to question his character.

A reporter asked Pelosi what the motivation was for the articles of impeachment.

“I don’t know, but what I’ve heard is Jim Jordan wants to take attention away from the scrutiny that he is under in Ohio, that could be a part of it,” she said during a July 26 press conference.

Jordan says he filed the articles of impeachment because Rosenstein has unlawfully withheld information from Congress.

“If they don’t give us the information that we, as a separate and equal branch of government are entitled to have in order to get answers for the American people, then we will actually call to vote for the impeachment of Rod Rosenstein,” Jordan said, according to The Hill.

He has denied allegations since they first surfaced.

“I never saw, never heard of, never was told about any type of abuse,” he said on Fox News. “If I had been, I would have dealt with it.”

Former Ohio State University students claim Jordan hid sexual abuse while serving as an assistant wrestling coach.

The students say Richard Strauss, the team’s physician, sexually abused men during their physical examinations. And they say Jordan knew about the abuse.

He appeared on Fox and Friends on July 27 to discuss his bid for the speakership, and he also explained the accusations against him.

“Look, I’ve talked to all kinds of my colleagues, they can all see through this story. This is something that supposedly happened 30 years ago. If there was in fact abuse, then we want people to get justice and the truth to come out,” Jordan said. “No one ever reported any. Certainly no one reported it to me. If they had, I would’ve — there was no reason for you not to deal with it if you knew about it. Your student athletes, you want the best for them, you want them ready to compete and be able to win, so if there was some problem I would have definitely reported it.”

Jordan said the allegations may have surfaced because people wanted to harm his congressional career or his bid for Speaker of the House.

Fox News Host Steve Doocy asked why the accusations came up just before he announced his bid.

“Well, I mean, come on. It’s like, you’re one of the assistant coaches and you’re probably, I guess, the most high-profile individual today, so it draws attention to what they’re trying to do. The guy who’s making the most noise is a guy who’s got a criminal background; the other guy has been in prison for 18 months. It’s sad.”

Both of Jordan’s accusers, Mike DiSabato and Dunyasha Yetts, have questionable character, according to the National Legal and Policy Center.

Emails acquired by Fox News suggest DiSabato has more than a desire for justice at the heart of these accusations.

“Reverend James – the ‘squeaky clean’ U.S. Congressman from Urbana (Ohio), who does not recall systemic sex abuse and has never heard agent orange (i.e., President Trump) tell a lie and wants to be speaker of the house despite his apparent lack of knowledge of the systemic sex abuse,” DiSabato wrote in an email.

Yetts has a more straightforward ethical dilemma. He spent 18 months in prison for defrauding investors of $1.8 million.

It’s also hard to find a reason for DiSabato and Yetts to accuse Jordan right now, 30 years after the events occurred. The accused abuser, Strauss, committed suicide in 2005, so there is no chance to hold the perpetrator accountable.

“What I know is, every single assistant coach has said the same thing I have. All kinds of wrestlers have come forward and said the same thing I have,” Jordan said. “And the reason they’ve done that, the reason they’ve said that, is because it’s the truth. And all my colleagues see through this story, so we’re focused on doing what we told the American people we’re going to do, and making Congress work so we can continue to help the president accomplish good things.”