This usually doesn’t go well for conservatives and leading intellectual progressives who critique the current progressive narrative…

For the sake of “tolerance” and “civility” Twitter will now deploy academics and researchers from leading universities to monitor and quantify divisive conversations on the platform.

The social media giant put out an advertisement in March asking academics to list what metrics will help the company determine what a healthy discourse is on Twitter and they received hundreds of proposals.

The company narrowed it down to two proposals by researchers who will, in turn, be granted access to public data and funding from Twitter although the exact amount was not disclosed.

A researcher from Leiden University in the Netherlands was selected along with a second pair of researchers from The University of Oxford and The University of Amsterdam.

All will formulate ways to bridge the gap and eliminate prejudice and discrimination among Twitter users. Prejudice and discrimination against who or what groups exactly are unknown.

This is worrisome for conservatives because many times views that challenge modern progressive narratives (even with well-documented facts) are almost always dubbed hate speech by tech giants.

Just last week, Vice News revealed that Twitter was purposely shadow-banning conservatives.