The most powerful union leader in the United States says he hasn’t ruled out supporting Donald Trump for president in 2020.

On Wednesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka spoke to Newsmax regarding support for Trump in 2020, asserting, “Well, he will be looked at. Every one will be looked at.”

The AFL-CIO has endorsed every Democratic presidential candidate since 1956 with the exception of George McGovern in 1972. But Trumka allowed, “We will consider every candidate who’s running in 2020.”

Speaking of the 2016 presidential race, Trumka said, “Trump got 3% more of our members than Romney did in 2012, but Hillary Clinton, unfortunately for her, got 10% less of our members than Obama did in 2012. And some didn’t vote for President or some voted third party.”

Explaining why Trump gained union members while Clinton lost some, Trumka explained, “Because people were mad. They were looking for someone who was going to change the economy. They felt there were assaults on their health care and assaults on their pensions. People were looking for someone who will shake up the status quo, because the economy wasn’t working for them. Their wages were flattened and they found that candidate in Donald Trump.”

Trumka added that Trump “promised to lift up workers and reign in Wall Street.” Although he felt the bulk of Trump’s to help working people “were either broken or unfulfilled. It doesn’t matter if the GDP is great and unemployment is at 3.9 percent,” Trumka cheered Trump for “going in the right direction on trade and [the AFL-CIO] totally supports a rewrite of NAFTA.”

The AFL-CIO is comprised of 56 national and international unions; they represent over 12 million active and retired workers.