CNN’s OutFront anchor Erin Burnett on Friday evening claimed the walls are closing in on President Donald Trump following reports Roger Stone associate Kristin Davis — known as the Manhattan Madam — was recently questioned by the Office of the Special Counsel.

Burnett began,

Out front tonight, the walls [are] closing in on President Donald Trump. We’re learning tonight that special counsel Bob Mueller has interviewed someone who could hold the keys to Trump’s inner circle. Someone who’s been close to longtime friend and campaign advisor Roger Stone for decades. She is known as the Manhattan Madam, and tonight four sources tell CNN that Kristin Davis sat for a voluntary interview with Bob Mueller’s team this week.

The CNN host continued:

No, Davis can be crucial. She has a personal and a professional relationship with Stone. She knows a lot and when it comes to Trump, Roger Stone is tight. A friend of 40-years bragging about keeping President Trump’s secrets. But will he keep them if Mueller finally closes a trap on Stone? Because we’re also learning of another big Mueller blow tonight. A judge ordering another person close to Stone to appear before the Mueller grand jury. That’s former Stone associate Andrew Miller. He fought a subpoena from Mueller. The judge though, said no. So, Andrew Miller will appear. As Mueller shines those bright lights closer and closer to Roger Stone, today, Trump’s former campaign chairman faced another bruising day in court.

“Prosecutors slamming Paul Manafort for a fourth day, showing he lied to his accountants, trying to prove he lied on his taxes,” Burnett continued. “Lies, lies and more lies. That is the story from prosecutors and let’s be clear, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were not ‘coffee boys’ like Team Trump has tried to dismiss another aide who pleaded guilty in the Russia investigation. These two men were equals to Trump. Men that he publicly praised and prized.”