Just say NO to violence: Censorship is an act of desperation by those who are already losing

MSM Fueling Nazi-Style Censorship to Trigger Violence. Don't Take The Bait.

Do NOT publicly harass Big Tech giants, the mainstream media or anyone else pushing mass censorship. Don’t do it. Just say no to violence.

The mainstream media is chomping at the bit to escalate this censorship purge of conservatives into a full-blown civil war. Don’t fall for the trap.

We’re already winning by standing back and allowing the world to see Big Tech giants for what they are: Unaccountable, multi-national corporations which do NOT value free speech – or any of the freedoms our nation was founded upon for that matter.

This is corporatism, not capitalism. This is collusion against the Bill of Rights. This is a full-blown shift toward the communist Chinese model of social engineering and censorship.

The globalists are intolerant to opposing viewpoints because their worldview is built on a shaky ideology of subservience and control at the expense of truth. That’s why they’re too reliant of corporate censorship – and that’s why they’ll ultimately fail.

They’re desperate. They’re scrambling. They’ve been pushed into a corner in which now they’re censoring anyone right of center because they’ve run out of options in their fight against the free marketplace of ideas.

In short, we’re already winning by allowing Big Tech to uncloak themselves. We’ve warned you for years the censorship was coming – and now we’ve been proven right.

Is it really surprising that this mass censorship comes right before the upcoming mid-term elections?

But don’t join into censorship yourselves. According to a new poll, 43% of Republicans want to give Trump the power to shut down the media, but don’t join that 43%.  Censorship is not the way.

If you’re right, you’ll win in the marketplace of ideas without needing to rely on censorship to crush your competition.

By embracing censorship, these autocrats are drowning themselves.  Don’t do anything that’ll constitute throwing them a lifeline.

American people are now able to truly see what’s at stake – and the autocrats will lose in the long run though their own actions.

Already Twitter and Facebook are hemorrhaging users. They’re losing the hearts and minds of Internet users accustomed to the free marketplace of ideas.

The American public is roundly rejecting these “virtue signaling” bubbles en masse because, on establishment social media, their speech and thoughts are tightly controlled from the top-down. It’s not just the privacy concerns fueling the mass exodus from Facebook, but also the creepy 1984esque feeling that Facebook is controlling their lives.

YouTube is likewise beginning to lose influence as it transforms into a cable TV clone in which content is tightly controlled. Yet that’s exactly why Americans have spent the past decade “cord cutting” their TVs; they want the freedom of choice over programming. They’re tired of having their thoughts and opinions dictated for them by multi-national corporations.

And that’s also why mainstream media is declining in viewership and influence.

Now, right after the ban, it’s been confirmed that communist China has Apple – which has been quarterbacking the purge – in a vise grip.

“Apple has benefited from cheap labor and a strong supply chain in China and needs to share more of its profit with the Chinese people or face ‘anger and nationalist sentiment’ amid the ongoing trade war, an article in the state-backed People’s Daily warned Tuesday,” reports CNBC. “The article originally appeared in another state-backed publication, Global Times, last week.”

Apple had already moved many of its operations to China, which allows the communist country to use it as leverage against the US.

Is it really any surprise then that Chinese-style censorship is creeping into America?