Attempts to censor us backfire as Streisand effect kicks in

UPDATE: Infowars Official jumped to number 3 in Apple’s top downloaded news apps Tuesday evening, leapfrogging Reddit and putting it on track to soon be the number one most popular app.

Get the app before it’s gone!

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Downloads of the Infowars Official App have completely eclipsed the rest of the dying media’s own apps in the face of Big Tech censoring Alex Jones and his platform on Monday.

The Infowars Official App is currently ranked at #4 in in Apple’s App Store, soaring above CNN (#6), Google News (#5), Buzzfeed (#10), Fox News (#7), The New York Times (#11), ABC (#19), and BBC (#26).

Well-informed and liberty-loving people alike immediately recognized the app is a direct line to Infowars and Alex Jones, circumventing the globalist tech gatekeepers who arbitrarily put conservatives under their boot of censorship.

The app’s popularity surge comes amid Big Tech’s coordinated Monday censorship and deplatforming of Infowars and Alex Jones content on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Spotify.

Currently available as of this writing, the Infowars Official App is able to bypass the tried-and-true silencing tactics like shadow banning and putting a cap on view count.

Perhaps this is why CNN advocates removing our app from the store.

Ironically, CNN’s Anderson Cooper tried to emulate Alex Jones’ live stream format, but it failed miserably and ended up being a multi-million-dollar dud.