On Thursday, Israel Defense Force Jets targeted roughly 20 terror sites in military compounds and in a Hamas training camp in response to the barrage of at least 150 rockets launched into Israel by Hamas from Gaza on Wednesday.

As Israel National News reported of the Israel strike, “Among the sites targeted were a weapons manufacturing and storage facility, a complex used for the Hamas’ naval force, and a military compound used for rocket launching experiments. Additionally, five training camps were targeted as well as a main warehouse and a meeting point used by the senior commanders of the Khan Yunis Brigade. Thus far, over 140 of Hamas’ strategic military sites have been targeted, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.”

Israel National News listed some of the sites the IDF targeted:

The headquarters of the Hamas battalion in Jabalya which contained dozens of terrorist targets.
A military compound used by the commander of the Northern Gaza City Division, which includes a marine tunnel.
A military post of Hamas used by the Al Jabalya Central Battalion, where combat training is carried out in built-up areas as well as training of divers of the Hamas naval force.
A military compound of the Zaytun Battalion, which is used to store rocket weapons and to dig tunnels.
A military compound of the East Jabalya battalion, which is used for training and fighting in a built-up area, where a shaft leading to the terrorist tunnels complex had been dug.
A Hamas base in the northern Gaza Strip, which is used for training operatives in a built-up area and which contains a launching system.
A training compound for fighting in a built-up area in central Gaza
A battalion compound of the Jabalya battalion, where training and meetings of senior members of the battalion are held. A military compound used by the Hamas terrorist organization to store weapons and explosives. In the past, it served as a site for the digging of firing shafts.
A Hamas military compound used by the Dir al-Balah battalion, where tunnels are being dug.

All too typically, the BBC slanted its coverage against Israel:

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman furiously responded: