Trump is a heretic, a blasphemer, and it’s no surprise they want to burn him at the stake.

'The Elite' Freaks Out When Trump Puts Americans First

Of all Donald Trump’s many sins against the Great Church of the Transnational Leftist Establishment, his greatest may be his stubborn refusal to subordinate the needs of the normal citizens of the United States to the dogmas of our alleged betters. He rejects the secular civic religion of our betters, one that urges the sacrifice of regular folk’s interests on the altar of their self-regard and cheesy self-interest.

Trump is a heretic, a blasphemer, and it’s no surprise they want to burn him at the stake.


He demands that the Europeans fund their own defense at levels that come to about half of what America spends!

Oh well, I never!

He refuses to hobble the American economy as a tribute to the false god of the weird weather religion and he dumped the Paris Climate Grift!


He rejects the notion that free trade is a one-way street into America’s markets and thinks that we ought to get the same deal on stuff we sell to outsiders as they get selling to us.

The bizarre part is that Trump isn’t even seeking an advantage over these foreigners who have been getting over on us. He seeks only reciprocity in our relations, and as a result the foreign policy elite is collectively wetting itself.

The mostly unspoken truth – which I speak loudly and profanely in my upcoming book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy – is that the postwar international order which arose in the wake of our victory in World War II was based upon America doing the heavy lifting. Of course, this translates as Normal Americans doing the heavy lifting, both in terms of treasure (the taxes they pay that get spent for the benefit of outsiders, as well as our own) and in terms of the blood they and their kids spill (which also gets spent for the benefit of outsiders, as well as our own). Isn’t it weird how when the elite writes a figurative check, it always gets drawn on our figurative checking account?

The post-war order did not start out as a massive scam, but we’re reallyfar post the war today, and different times require different arrangements. Back in the late 1940s, with Europe in ruins and America relatively unscathed – actually, ascendant – it made sense for us to pick up the slack to help our allies get on their feet again. It was a hand-up, not a hand-out. The Marshall Plan, which rebuilt Europe, was genius – it created a bulwark against communism while ensuring prosperity.

But that was 70 years ago. Things change. The USSR is gone (a spectacular victory of the postwar order). Germany and the rest of Europe are no longer smoldering piles of rubble (another success). In fact, they are now prosperous and complacent, and of course they don’t want the American subsidy to end. It allows them to pay-off their barren, soul-dead populations via their bloated welfare states with the money they don’t have to contribute to their own defense. America snapping a ball and chain around its ankle in the form of the noxious climate pact lets them virtue signal, while unequal trade arrangements let them take advantage of our markets while blocking access to theirs. They can posture by importing half the Third World because our generosity (and gullibility) gives them the flexibility to do it.

It’s a great deal, for them. But after seven decades, it’s time for something new. And that’s where Donald Trump comes in.

The militant Normals, who get the bill for all this coddling, have been ticked off about it for a while. A lot of us actually served over there – and we know the Europeans have been able to half-step with their militaries for quite a while. Yeah, individual NATO warriors have been brave, and some have sacrificed their lives in battle beside Americans. We honor them. But their countries as a whole are not keeping their commitments, and the glorious achievements of their outnumbered, under-equipped soldiers do not excuse that basic reality.

The elite seeks to deny the truth. And failing that, it seeks to rid itself of this troublesome president. If you ever needed more proof that the Russia baloney was just a heap of rancid luncheon meat, ask yourself why the same idiots spewing spittle about “PUTIN COLLUSION TREASON!” are also outraged that Trump is demanding that other NATO countries actually build up their capacity to defeat the Bear in battle. Is the elite trying to keep NATO from getting stronger to own Putin and the cons?

I believe in NATO, and if you don’t believe me you can bring over a six-pack of Stuttgarter Hof pilsner (it was my favorite when I was stationed there) and we can drink it while I dig around my Army stuff drawer for my NATO medal. And if you believe in NATO, not just the concept but the warfighting force, then you must demand that its members pick up the slack today instead of reissuing the same vague promises to do better someday that never comes. They used to get away with that until Donald Trump beat Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. But the fact is our allies’ refusal to spend on defense has resulted in their general combat ineffectiveness. German Bundeswehr battalions have shown up to training with broomsticks – really, that’s a thing. That’s unacceptable, meaning we cannot accept it.

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