Ad Platform Caves to Mob Outrage, Bans Infowars


Advertising platform Criteo has caved to mob outrage and banned Infowars in yet another example of Big Tech censorship.

A Criteo senior manager said Infowars was, “in violation of our advertising guidelines,” yet gave no specifics whatsoever on precisely what terms of service we had violated.

Despite the company, which numerous other big conservative news outlets use for advertising, reaching out to Infowars after we were previously banned by AdRoll, it has now succumbed to the online brigading that was launched as a result of Apple, Facebook, YouTube and others arbitrarily censoring Infowars content.

This is somewhat perplexing given that Criteo first billed itself as a libertarian-leaning company that supported free speech. Evidently, Criteo does not support free speech, it supports giant corporate monopolies deciding what you can and can’t see on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Shopify payments also contacted us to announce that they were pulling their services.

This clearly represents tortious interference, which occurs when one person intentionally damages someone else’s contractual or business relationships with a third party causing economic harm.

The mass brigading of Infowars began after CNN started a lobbying campaign attempting to have us shut down by social media giants.

In related news, video hosting platform Vimeo banned Infowars, citing our claim that there were Islamic training camps in America as the reason, despite the fact that this is completely true.

As was widely reported last week, five Islamic extremists were arrested after being caught training children to carry out school shootings.

So in other words, Big Tech is now banning us for reporting accurately about real world events. That’s the level it has reached.

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