Paul Manafort opted to skip out on a defense and proceeded to closing arguments instead, reported ABC News.

The jury will begin deliberations after the closing arguments which are expected to commence Wednesday morning.

Mueller’s prosecutors rested their case Monday, day 10 of the bank fraud and tax evasion trial against Paul Manafort playing out in an Alexandria, VA courtroom.

Five witnesses testified against Paul Manafort under the protection of immunity.

Mueller’s prosecutors took quite a beating from Judge T.S. Ellis over the course of the trial against Manafort.

Manafort is charged with 32 counts and is facing up to 305 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

On Monday, court reporter for Court House News, Brandi Buchman reported Manafort’s lawyer Kevin Downing requested until Tuesday morning to write his motion for acquittal and Judge Ellis granted the request.

“Defense attorney Kevin Downing has requested until Tuesday morning to write his motion for acquittal. Ellis granted the request.
The motion to acquit hinges on details that defense attorney Thomas Zehnle said Monday would likely come up during their closing arguments.”

Judge Ellis denied the defense attorneys motion to acquit Manafort of four of the 32 counts he faces, reports Courthouse News reporter, Brandi Buchman.

Update: Court called recess until 1:30 PM ET and defense will rest their case after the jury returns. Closing arguments are expected to begin Wednesday morning 9:30 AM ET.

Via Courthouse News Reporter Brandi Buchman: After this, the judge has called recess until 1:30PM.
When the jury returns, the defense will rest its case formally in front of them.
A charging conference will follow and closing arguments are expected to begin Wednesday at 9:30 a.m